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I love Anime/Manga

Creating/Plants/Video Games/More

Don't be afraid to write me a comment.

I dont do Chats...I reply back if you comment on something.

*Just to keep this in mind: Everybody is entitled to their own opinion...Do not get upset with me because I have a different opinion then yours. If you must state your opinion that's completely fine with me, that's what this community is about...however do not get angry with me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:😜 Please and thank you.*

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10 days ago 1

Cool new profile pic:blush:😊

Thanks. Is not the best. But I wanted a new one. Lol :)

17 days ago 1

Hey this gif in your bio, is it a scene from any movie?

Zoro is acting so not like him, it's hilarious!

I am stealing it :joy:πŸ˜‚

Just can't help!

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Reply to: Haku

Found it lol just now. The gif.I will send the link.

Reply to: Haku

Found it lol just now. The gif. It is fan made. I tried to remember what the tumblr blog said. It was a Harlem shake video.


Yooo the latest chapter was pretty good!! I don't know if you are waiting for the better translations to come out but the popularity poll results are here and I wanted to share them with ya

Our boy Brook is pretty low tbh..I expected him to be Top 5 or something close to that!! Sanji is nr. 3. That's pretty good. He kicked Law to nr. 4. Zoro and Sanji are really close. What do you think? :)

Thanks for the follow and likes, honey:blush:😊:blush:😊 As always your kawaii chan xx

Aww. Your welcome. I love your page!

Thanks for all the likes :thumbsup::+1:πŸ‘

Your welcome


Thanks for the likes and the follow.

Your welcome. :blush:😊

Thanks for the follow :D

Thanks for the like

ʏᴏᴜ α΄€s α΄‘α΄‡ΚŸΚŸ :smiley:πŸ˜ƒ

Heya, check what I found! These are the Warlords in their female forms. I thought you would like this. :)

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Reply to: :cherry_blossom:🌸HellWiiNk:flags:🎏

Yeah sounds weird but Croc is really beautiful. I didn't really like the Boa one tho but still cool I could see it. And yes, that is Blackbeard lol.

Reply to: Limit Form Tyrone

I know right! Lol is not weird. Croc looks beautiful indeed.

You don't know what we been thru.

Thank you for all the likes! :sunglasses:😎

Your welcome. :grinning:πŸ˜€ nice tats.:thumbsup::+1:πŸ‘

Reply to: :cherry_blossom:🌸HellWiiNk:christmas_tree:πŸŽ„

Well thank you! :smiley:πŸ˜ƒ:thumbsup::+1:πŸ‘:smiley:πŸ˜ƒ

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Thank you for following me (~^_^)~

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07/27/16 1

I the Yato God would like to thank you for following me

Arigato for the follow sowwy I didn't notice it

My pic is Syo Kurusu from Uta no Prince Sama......

Oh thank you I loved it so I was wondering :3

07/21/16 1

Ty for following ms.~

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Ur welcome

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Thank u for followin me :smile:πŸ˜„:smile:πŸ˜„:smile:πŸ˜„

:grinning:πŸ˜€ welcome

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