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" Writing is an underestimated work of art. You paint colorful images in people's mind using words of black and white "


Update: I am on hiatus and am only active once a month to post a blog so if I dont respond to your messages, I am truly sorry TvT

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If you can't see what's important, then it's because you're too ashamed to open your eyes



The name's Nao and you can call me anything you want or you can just call me Nao


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Well anyway, I am a simple guy who loves Anime, shoujo, and Ice cream!! ( Who doesnt love Ice Cream?!) Anyway, I dont get angry that much and I am a chill guy. I am a very nice guy and we can talk about anything you want~ ⊙3⊙ I always laugh a lot especially if I become comfortable talking with you. I post blogs from time to time and some of them are really worth the read. And if you read my blogs, I am grateful to you.


I'm a pretty nice guy but If you ever hurt one of my friends, then you got another thing coming. I would seriously hurt you if you hurt any of my friends. Thats the type of guy I can be



Shoujo • Romance Anime/Manga • Yuri • KDrama • RWBY • Socks • Gifs • Scenery • Cup Noodles • Friends • Cake • Ice Cream • Music • Nice People • Cute things • Dogs • Mystic Messenger • Comedy • Pancakes • Drawing • Artists •



•Not Moving Pictures • Awkward Situations • Rude People • Tomatoes • Scary things • Guys who make girls cry • Horror Anime/ Manga •


[I]What I like to watch and listen to is Rainy days because of the silence it makes and how calming it can be to me. What I really want to experience is a snowy day. I have never seen a snowy day before and I really want to see one with my own eyes


What I like most about anime is it's animation. How the animation can tell its story without using dialogue, which is mostly seen in studio ghibli films


[I] You cannot alter fate. However you can rise to meet it


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8 days ago 0

Reply to: ˋˏ『 αҡσjıň ᴹᴵᴺ』

Baaaaaa :joy:😂

Reply to: Nao


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Reply to: Nao ( Hiatus/School )

Feel free ~:laughing::satisfied:😆

16 days ago 1

Reply to: ♕ || ɴᴀᴋɪʀɪ ᴇʀɪɴᴀ [:mobile_phone_off:📴]:lock_with_ink_pen:🔏

Thank you ate senpai~ :smiley:😃

17 days ago 1

Revived yours.

16 days ago 0

Thanks XD

22 days ago 0

Upate: Currently dealing with test scores TvT

21 days ago 0

GOOD LUCK!! :thumbsup::+1:👍:four_leaf_clover:🍀

28 days ago 2



27 days ago 2

I also bookmarked all of your blogs *^*) and Thank you~ I hope you will enjoy reading them °v° Congrats on being a curator too

28 days ago 1


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29 days ago 1

Thanks for following

28 days ago 1

No problem °v°

29 days ago 1

Nao nao mao mao

28 days ago 0

Ate Idol!!! Bakit mao? Hahahaa :joy:😂

25 days ago 0

Reply to: Nao ( Hiatus/School )

Mao mao kasi Nao ngalan mo, wala lang, nag rarhyme eh. MAO MAO!

30 days ago 1

8man vibes are :ok_hand:👌

30 days ago 1

Yepp *^*):ok_hand:👌

July 24 1

Feels like everyone is after your Ice Cream... ('-'

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August 18 1

Reply to: Nao ( Hiatus/School )


August 19 1

Reply to: Zehel✧ out!


July 16 1


Ice Cream

I see Tamen de gushi on your background... I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! It cracks me up every time :joy:😂

Yeah it does~ sorry for the super late reply though

May 31 1

Give me the ice-cream.

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May 31 0

Reply to: Nao

Omg, thank you so much, Nao-Sama. (>;-;)>:icecream:🍦

Reply to: ✮Đυα-ѕтαιnє∂ ѕσuℓ✮(Çake's)

No problem °v°)

Really nice blogs ^^

Thank you so much *^*)

May 27 1

Sexy name dude

You too

May 27 1

I really like your Garden of words theme.

A Yuri fan?:eyes:👀

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May 28 1

Reply to: Nao

Can you recommend some Yuri that you have read?

Reply to: "Sougo".

Fluttering feelings, It would be great if you didnt exist, Pulse, lily love, asagao to kase-san, citrus, yagate kimi ni naru, ojisama nante iranai

Favorite character in mystic messenger?

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Reply to: Nao

You didn't take, my bæ, 707 *nods* I accept you :joy:😂

Any light hearted K-dramas you can recommend, I'm currently watching Legends of the blue sea and I don't know what to do with my life after that ._. So, asking an expert, is the best move right now

Reply to: Pretzel-Sama

Thank you for accepting me *^*) and You should try

Rooftop Prince

Boys over flowers

Love in the moonlight

Weivhtlifting fairy kim bokjoo



Secret Garden

Coffe Prince

My love from another star

May 27 1


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Reply to: Ciel

GRABE KAA :cry:😢:cry:😢

May 27 1

Reply to: Nao



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Reply to: white

Why not?

Reply to: Nao

im addicted to this app

May 27 1

That moment I see you in my followers list and then realise you're a blogger and never followed back. Your blogs are great tbh, keep it up :ok_hand:👌

Reply to: Hayaku

Thanks and I also love reading your blogs

May 27 1

You seem chill. Your blogs are great to read. Hope we can be fwends if finals doesnt kill me >//>

If your ever up for a pm, message me in middle of June ;-; And I shall hopefully be alive

Reply to: Food Otaku (Finals)

Thanks so much! And I love your blogs as well *^*) Good luck with your finals and I hope it doesn't kill you so we can be friends °v°)/

May 25 1

:0 •Le gasp• Ty for the follow.

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May 25 0

Reply to: Nao

Tange, marunong naman pala. :joy:😂

Reply to: ❁ Hiyokoi ❁

Hahahaha :joy:😂

May 23 1

Thanks for the follow ^-^

No problem ^-^

May 22 1


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May 23 1

Reply to: Nao

Oshit ur filipino

Reply to: ✿Nao

Yep I am °v°)

*Note : Gotta buy this chicken plushie

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Reply to: Hiyori

Sure~ if I find any °v°)

Reply to: ♤ [LXIX]


May 16 1

Whut ish dis?? :eyes:👀:eyes:👀 you changed your bio and pfp. You look so mature now somehow 🤔

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Reply to: Hiyori

Yeah somehow it does look mature ;-;

May 16 0

Reply to: Nao

;-; I missed the immature baka..

May 13 1

Food-thief ~

Reply to: Hiyori

Marmar took the food ;-;

May 06 1

:eyes:👀:chocolate_bar:🍫 :two_hearts:💕

⊙3⊙)/:chocolate_bar:🍫 :heartbeat:💓

April 19 1

Thanks for following me back :grinning:😀 :grin:😁

April 19 1

Reply to: emmalouis

No problem :)

April 16 1

вaĸa chan? (゜-゜)

April 19 1

Hey Hiyori~ :smile:😄:smile:😄


April 19 0


April 08 1


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April 08 0

Reply to: Nao


April 08 0

Reply to: ৡۣۜ͜͡ÆRO ♛


April 05 0



Hello, I'm just here to inform you of a writing challenge called #DrawingConclusions. It's hosted by a group called Anime Amino Writing Society, #AAWS for short, and if you would like to learn about how to enter please click the link above. Experience isn't needed, we welcome anyone who wants to try to win. It's a weekly challenge after all. Thank you for your time.

April 04 2

Your name....

April 04 0

We have the same name...

April 04 0

Reply to: Nao

Yeah... :unamused:😒

March 31 1


March 31 1

Anti-bullying zone po ito hahahaha

March 31 0

Reply to: Nao

Hindi ako bully oi :')

March 23 0

|˄·͈༝·͈˄₎.。oO * meow *

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March 23 0

Reply to: Hiyori

Lift up your head ⊙3⊙ You still have much to learn lolol

March 23 0

Reply to: Nao

Pls teach me how (∩ᵒ̴̶̷̤⌔ᵒ̴̶̷̤∩)

I really like your blogs~

You're a Mystic Messenger fan too? •^•

-from a stranger

March 22 0

Reply to: ⋆ᴷᴼᵀᴼᴿᴵ⋆ | school

Thanks and yeah im a fan of mm ⊙3⊙

March 22 0

Hey. I see we have a lot in common and that would be cakes, ice cream, noodles and even kdramas. And your blog about Miyazaki is nice. I am a Ghibli fan too.

March 22 0

Reply to: Haku

Thats so cool~ (/⊙3⊙)/

March 20 1

Nice posts, keep it up!

March 21 1


03/17/17 1

Nao is back?!??!?! (ㆁωㆁ*)

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03/17/17 0

Reply to: Hana

I am gonna start blogging right away ! ⊙3⊙ and thank you for reading my blogs~

03/17/17 0

Reply to: Nao

Yay, they are great tbh. I love them, like i told you before your blogs inspired me to write. Thanks :3

02/20/17 0

Huehuehue porque colocou o nick de "não" kk.. :T

Ah faltou o ~ no "o" kjk

Hi Naooooooo. Stay handsome :wave:👋🏻

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Reply to: Nao

Do I have to bite you?

02/21/17 0

Reply to: Justin ʕ·ᴥ· ʔ

It still wont work though

02/20/17 0

I dont really know TvT

02/17/17 0

Iwan ko to dito ah :bouquet:💐:chocolate_bar:🍫

02/14/17 0


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02/14/17 0

Reply to: Nao

030 mhmm me too the only problem is that I have no idea where to get them?? Japan maybe ??

02/14/17 0

Reply to: Hiyori

Seems like it though ⊙3⊙ Im craving for it~

01/31/17 0

Your stuff looks awesome I'll be following

01/30/17 0

I read your bio, I hope we can become friends? :)

01/30/17 1

Sure thing ^^

01/30/17 0

Reply to: Nao

Yay *^*// what's your lvl in toram? :)

01/30/17 0

Sense you like toram all follow you because you seem like a nice person :)