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9 days ago 1

The PFP. :heart_eyes:😍

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9 days ago 0

Reply to: BanditBan

About time, you understood. :joy:😂

9 days ago 1

Reply to: Shining_Star

Lol. I've changed it multiple times already though.

24 days ago 1

Did you read the recent chapter of Nanatsu no Taizai?

24 days ago 0

I did.

27 days ago 0

Wow, it's really red in here.

Wishing you a good morning; have a nice day at work! :office:🏢

Man I feel like a drug :syringe:💉 addict LOL !! I can't stand waiting any MORE !!! You know if SDS is coming out early or Monday normal release ?? :sweat_smile:😅

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29 days ago 1

Reply to: :japanese_ogre:👹:izakaya_lantern:🏮BlackAkuma88:izakaya_lantern:🏮:japanese_ogre:👹

That's good. Sorry the chsoter came out later than expected, I didn't even hear any news about it's late release. Thanks man, I'll try to have it out within the week. Honestly it's whatever at this point lol.

27 days ago 1

Reply to: :japanese_ogre:👹:izakaya_lantern:🏮BlackAkuma88:izakaya_lantern:🏮:japanese_ogre:👹

As promsied here's the link to my 230 review


August 14 1

Sōsuke Aizen Vs Madara Uchiha !!!!!


Bruhhhhh you voted for the wrong team :eyes:👀 I'm.surprised

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July 26 0

Reply to: Boz The Revolutionary


Reply to: BanditBan


July 19 1


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July 23 0

Reply to: BanditBan

No I'm not being mean or anything, it was just like. :flushed:😳

July 23 1

Reply to: あれくす

I know and I was just saiyan

July 13 0


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July 18 0

Reply to: BanditBan

How are ya?

July 18 0

Reply to: BlackFoxFlower

Tired lol u?

Yo son !! Latest NNT CHAPTER was AMAZING!!! Can't wait for your review man. The DK and the GQ completely lived up to the HYPE !!

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Reply to: BanditBan

No worries, ur reviews are good man no need to rush it !

July 04 1

Reply to: :japanese_ogre:👹:izakaya_lantern:🏮BlackAkuma88:izakaya_lantern:🏮:japanese_ogre:👹

Thank you man that's means a lot. And thanks for your continued patronage and support.

Smh 4k follower, I'm trying to surpass u but ur making it difficult. ╥﹏╥

Congrats on reaching 4k follower.

July 04 0

Damn I didn't even see this message until now lol sorry about that babe. It's not like I'm trying to amass more followers it's just happens lol.

I'm sure you'll get there some day so don't get too discouraged but thanks You!!

Is chapter 213 out yet? Or was it delayed?

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Reply to: BanditBan

It was quite an interesting chapter

June 26 0

Reply to: Ajimu Najimi | 安心院 なじみ

Sure was. I'll have to grind it out for these reviews lol.

Yo bro, you did that Taizai review from last chapter? Didn't see it posted.

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June 26 1

Reply to: :japanese_ogre:👹:izakaya_lantern:🏮BlackAkuma88:izakaya_lantern:🏮:japanese_ogre:👹

Ikr! Darn so many things to cover and do little time lol. It might take a while since I'm still working on the previous week's review but rest assured it will come lol.

Reply to: BanditBan

Cool :sunglasses:😎 sounds good to me!

June 11 1

I'm honestly grateful for all the gifs you post.

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June 11 1

Reply to: BanditBan

It's fine I went and fell asleep :joy:😂

I actually just finished watching the latest ep and it was amazing as always. I can't wait for more.

And LMAO. Who ruined it?? I already read the manga so even if someone spoils me I'm already caught up.

Also Thanks I look forward to you gifs and your favorites :joy:😂🤘🏻🤘🏻

June 11 1

Reply to: я

Haha it's all good man. Nice! Yeah it was just jokes lmao. SBI ftw lol.

Some random user in the YT comment section. I wanted to read the manga but never bothered since I didn't have time to read 50 page chapters into of my weeklies. I heard shit gets even more insane later on.

No problemo homie.

When are you gonna post Merlin favorite?

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June 03 0

Reply to: PsychoPanda

Haha thank man, I appreciate that. Hopefully you'll like it as much as you liked this one.

June 11 0

Sorry I forgot to tell you but you probably already saw but I posted my merlin favourite already.

June 02 1

So close to that Merlin favourite!:blush:😊

June 02 1

Haha my man it's coming. It's ready to go but I'm just waiting for the right time to post it.

June 02 1

Reply to: BanditBan

Cant wait to read it man! She is my favourite character.

May 27 0

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May 26 1

I envy u with ur NNT knowledge. Keep ur good work up. T.T senpai *^*/

May 26 0

Hahaha thanks man but you can get there too if you really wanted to. I will do my best lol

Wheres the bio?

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May 22 0

Reply to: кαgυяα_вσσту

Did I tell you I was going to make one? I can't even remember lol

Reply to: BanditBan

U never said that but i was wondering why u never made one

Omg one more rep to go!! *-*

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Reply to: BanditBan

You're very welcome!! Yus. Good luck!! Its a tough struggle but you can do it!! :four_leaf_clover:🍀

May 18 0

Reply to: ✿ S u g a r ✿ [ Busy ]

It'll be a challenge and arduous process for sure but I'm see if I keep at it I'll get there eventually. Thank you ^^

May 15 0

Gotta admit, there are only a minor posts I really read from top to bottom.. but all your NNT posts about each character are really well written, I keep waiting for the next :)

May 17 1

Hey man that means a lot, thank you. I'm actually working on the next one so stay tuned for that.

May 17 0

Reply to: BanditBan

Will be waiting

May 13 0

More like 'damnitban'

May 17 0

Lol what do you mean?

Just saying his name isnt Bandit Ban, he named himself Ban the undead (hope this isn't a spoiler)

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May 17 0

Reply to: [] Bendy/Tattle [] [CODE NAME] Demonic Twins [CODE

Wasn't annoyed. Just didn't get it really.

Reply to: BanditBan

Oh okay then

May 12 0


May 12 0


May 10 1

Top tier.

May 01 0

Glad you are doing things that make you feel well, instead of writing out of obligation.

Smile Ban. I am, always and forever. So let me smile with you.

March 29 0

Don't mention it

March 27 0

You are going to have an absolute freaking field day with that Taizai chapter review! Not only did we get that 43p gaiden, but also a Baccho Responds Festival. It may be a first. But my man I wouldn't be surprised if you tried to post it as a two parter!

March 28 0

Maybe but after a read through I'm not sure i have all that much to discuss tbh but we'll see. Most of the asks were meh so I don't think I'll be talking about any of those.

March 28 0

Reply to: BanditBan

Fair enough. I guess I was just happy because there were so many Baccho Responds in one ch. But I understand there wasn't a heapload of material for you to go through. So I can see it being fit into one review. Maybe even shorter then last week's.

Hey bro are you on DBZAmino by chance?

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March 25 1

Reply to: AnimeArtist:art:🎨:pencil2::black_nib:

You behind in a drawing match? That's preposterous! And np man

Reply to: BanditBan

Yeah hehe

March 20 1

Your name or title should be the reposter. Lol

Sorry for the late response was watch a anime. My taste has never changed. I have always hated the traditional fighting shounen animes like Naruto, one piece, and hunterxhunter ever sense I started to watched animes. I like a few shounen animes like beelzbub, rouinn kenshin, and food wars. Mostly comedy/parody anime and the harem element. My favorite anime was the second anime I have ever seen.

03/17/17 0

That's alright man I do that too sometimes lol. Those anime also have action in them but I do know what you mean and that perfectly fine. I made it a point to say not all ppl adhere to this and that their preferences can change. Also you could've just replied in my blog rather than my profile lol.

03/07/17 0

I love your background pfp.

03/07/17 1

Ty a good friend of mine made it for me.

I bet you $13456324567 dollars you didn't read that number. You just skipped right over it. You didn't even realize I put a letter in it. No I didn't but you went back and looked. I want my like:laughing::satisfied:😆

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Reply to: BanditBan

Ah sorry for not seeing or reply, there's nobody I can't fool!

03/04/17 0

Reply to: ❀ デリエリ ❀

It's alright sweetie but you're right there is no one, not even yourself hahahahahah

Hey ya, up for a challenge? Try the #ZodiaChallenge http://aminoapps.com/p/qela6

03/02/17 0

Oh damn I didn't even see your message so sorry about that. I appreciate the thought but I think I'll pass.

Hey Ban! What's up? I can't see our chat anymore and I haven't spoken to you in a while. Hope everything is well. ^^

02/01/17 0

Yoooo! So good to hear from you again. I've been trying to get through to you on the chat but you've been unresponsive but now that you told me I see why. So what was the issue with ten chat? I can start a new chat so just let me know if that's cool. Also, all is good. Busy but good so thanks for asking. How have you been?

Merry Christmas!

12/25/16 0

Merry Christmas to you too ^^

Eli still looking fine even in her festive attire lol


12/13/16 0

Wooo! Now that's hot. Gosh what I'd give to be Gil in that pic lmao.

#Ptag2016 ^^

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Reply to: BanditBan

Search for derriere she is always naked

12/12/16 0

Reply to: :christmas_tree:🎄καgυяα_вσστy:christmas_tree:🎄

So is Merlin lol. Well mostly anyways haha. I also have her in a bar uniform

#Ptag2016 :grin:😁

12/06/16 0

Hey are you interested in writing by any chance? If so, you should check out the drawing conclusions writing challenge by the Anime Amino Writing Society

Just click the highlighted text.

Aye my lovely bug! :heart: Do you like cosplaying? I'm sure you do ^^ Come and check out my cosplay page Modern-Chan Cosplay I'm grateful for all the support you guys have given me and I'm finally following my passion as a cosplayer, please stop and leave a like and comment! :kissing_heart:😘

Yo man it's crazy this whole time I wasn't following you!!! LOL :sweat_smile:😅 I added you now.

11/16/16 0


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11/17/16 0

Reply to: ~ Pain X Otaku ~

Kind of wish it'd go straight to features after all the hard work I put into making them though

11/17/16 0

Reply to: BanditBan


11/08/16 0

Happy level 10! Now kys with a flood of shitposts

11/08/16 0

Thanks my man. Well shiet guess i got to know that izu telling me to

11/06/16 0

Oh manga meth member

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11/07/16 0

Reply to: BanditBan

Yo ikr hahaha. Almost forgot to reply. Maybe a pm is better, yeah?

11/07/16 1

Reply to: Kurogami :skull:💀

Lol all good. I'm fine with either but whatever's easier for you :blush:😊

11/06/16 0

Hello:wave:👋 i post the latest anime's daily OK so if you could checkout my page more often i would appreciate it:v::thumbsup::+1:👍:facepunch::punch:👊:blush:😊

10/29/16 0

You into Kingdom?

10/29/16 0

I don't really follow the series but I've heard it's really good so I'll eventually get to it one of these days.

10/29/16 0

Reply to: BanditBan

Yep, its truly an epic series.

10/08/16 0


What u got

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09/23/16 0

What's the first anime you'd recommend to anyone?

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09/23/16 0

Reply to: :tanabata_tree:🎋Miyamura Izumi

If recommend the "mainstream" stuff. Big 3 even.