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Nothing so far.


Hello there, welcome to my bio!

Who am I you ask?

I love anime, Gaming, reading Books, Writing and Masterbating to god knows what.

My waifu is Shion Sonozaki from When They Cry.

• I am A Jägare (Swedish for Hunter). I like to hunt for the unknown. Beware of my skillz!

_______________________________________ :clubs: :clubs::clubs: :clubs::clubs: :clubs:


Birthdate : December 2nd

Gender : Male (Sorry to disappoint)

•I dislike people who don't read my posts or bio and really love the ones who do.

So if you're reading this.

Thank you for taking your time off whatever your doing to read this or my posts.

•I have watched over 65 Animes. So if you are going to suggest me a common anime. Theres a high chance that i have watched it or atleast have heard about it.

•I use to hate mangas when i was younger but now i have considered reading mangas as well. Nowadays, Im actually into reading a lot of mangas. Some if my favorites are Berserk, Claymore, Blame! And Gantz. If theres any manga suggestions you would like to tell me. Feel free.


- Become a Mangaka.

-Learn to Draw better.

-Become a Writer.

- Complete the first draft of my story. The CoDas.

-Not to fail in Highschool.

Graduate and go to Uni.

-Not to fail in life.

•If I ever got a title, what would it be?

-Opinion Emperor


-Obscure Hunter/Jägare

- Hater


• I do not Follow for a Follow.

(I use to do that, but not anymore)

I only follow those who are interesting to me.

Favorite Genres:



- Sci-Fi

- A little bit of Romance(Preferably straight)

- Mystery

- Horror (big fan of horror)

- Comedy


- Hentai

Most Hated Genres:

- Harem(If not done correctly)

- Ecchi (unless it has a good story)

- Demons

- Vampires

• (Some)Favorite Animes:

-One Piece

-Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood

-Ergo Proxy

-Nichijou : My Ordinary SchoolLife

-Sweetness to Lightning

-Higurashi no naku koro ni(when they cry)

-Fate Series

- Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann

- Hikaru No GO

-Re: Zero



-Initial D

-Break Blade


*clears throat and cough*


-Kyonyuu Fantasy

-Bible Black


-Fella pure


-Garden The Animation

-Pollinic Girls

(Dont watch these unless you embraced yourself as trash)

• Favorite mangas:





-Aku No Hana (Flowers of Evil)





-Green Worldz


-Real Account

*Clears throat and Coughs*


-Class me!

-Mother me!

-Date me!

-Maid me!

(must transcend degeneracy to see this)

• Favorite anime production companies:





• Favorite card games:




• Favorite drinks-



Orange juice(any kind)

• (some)Favorite foods-(in no particular order)

-Noodles (Hey, I loved noodled even before I knew what anime was. So dont call me a weeabo

- Zinger Burger


• Relationship: Single.

Im not looking for love. I don't wish to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

Im sort of Anti-Love so dont bother.

[Anti-Love : Dislikes Love or having relationships with someone else]

-Other contacts-

Wattpad - Hexbex

Hex's Antieku Challenge post



• #HexRecommends

• #HexShoutouts

• #HexEdits

• #HexTeaches

• #HexAnnounces

• #HexQuotes


-Cherished Edits, Awards and Blogs -

• By Aisha. Awarded for Most Unique Award

• By Azu. Thanks for makin an awesome PFP

Akane's shoutout blog of me

Mya's Review blog on The CoDas




Member of:

AA Writers Society


A very cool group meant to help new writers improve in their works.

Our Leader is Jul.

Check him out! He's a very cool guy!

Artistically Jul

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Proud Member of:

AA Writer's Club


A great group where we produce stories for your entertainment. Highly recommended, the stories posted in the group are incredible!

Check out our leader, Wisely



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17 days ago 0


21 days ago 0

We don't talk anymore

We don't talk anymore

Like we used to......... :musical_note:🎵

Are you going to hate me cause I'm quoting Puth?

I relate to ur hated genres. Nice bio :ok_hand:👌I respect that "I don't follow for a follow" (same here) keep up the good work ~

Thanks mate. Appreciate it!

Hex Hunty are you still SLAYING 🤔:clap:👏

Depends on what you mean by slayin. >^>

July 04 1

Nice bio i ended up reading it all cause why not^^

Read more...(1)
July 04 1

Reply to: Hex:clubs:23 [The Hater]

Not really its actually quite intresting you dont see bios like that often^^

Reply to: ŇĮËĶÅ

Oh well, thanks alot!

May 23 1

Before u comment on my post, I'd like u to know that I only included main characters with enough screen time to include in the blog. If Kawai wasn't that unimportant I'd include her. Thanks for commenting ( yet deleting it ASAP sadly) though

I deleted my comment for a reason XD. I knew my mistake

May 14 0

˙͜ ˙

April 19 1

I read through your Bio and some of your blogs. You are now madly in love with me.

Read more...(2)

Reply to: Yuikuto

Thats not my knife i found the image in twitter.

Also I meant I love in the different sense sorry. Please Dont misunderstand. Also just to make sure, you do know im a guy, right?

April 20 0

Reply to: Hex:clubs:23 [The Hater]

I know. I was simply stating the knife was attractive.

Yes, I am entirely aware of all of this. What I have said does not change.

But like show me your bewbs

But i dont have any

12/25/16 0

Merry Christmas to you. :kissing_smiling_eyes:😙:tada:🎉:gift:🎁:christmas_tree:🎄

I dont celebrate christmas.

So Happy Jamaican Day

12/25/16 1

Reply to: [Hater] Hex:clubs:23

That works too. XD 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

11/05/16 0

Someone already reviewed your story, do you still want me to do it? It's fine if you don't.

Sure, go ahead.

08/02/16 1

Man you're a trap xD


Found ya!

06/27/16 1


Fair enough

Read more...(5)

Reply to: ρяιиcєѕѕ нαιиє ˎ₍•ɞ•₎ˏ

Eyyyyy now I remember!

Reply to: Hex:clubs:23 [Opinion Emperor]


02/28/16 1

Nice Bio

Thank you :3

02/28/16 1

Reply to: Hex:clubs:23 [Opinion Emperor]

Pleasures all mine

It's Marcus btw.. from the old RP Group o.o

Read more...(5)

Reply to: Hex:clubs:23 [Opinion Emperor]

Stick my enchilada in your burrito and call it a taco

Reply to: ☆★ Marku ★☆


Booty Maintenance Exterior for the win bro, 360 no scope 420 blaze it like a 6 year old scrub on Runescape jerking off to a Turkey eating bird feed on a unicycle snorting a line of cocaine off of a hooker named Cherry's ass.

Eat the booty Hex.. eat it like its groceries in this bitch don't hesitate just procreate. You got this bro, go and get that ho.

01/28/16 1

Oh Hex Hex Hex... You grew up so fast...

Read more...(6)
01/28/16 0

Reply to: Hex:clubs:23 [Opinion Emperor]

Well, I didn't do much, had a lot of fights with people that's just all >_>

Reply to: Mentu

Hah I see.

Hey! You have been tagged to participate in the #AnimeGenreAwards16

Vote for your favourite anime!

Hope you participate!

Thanks for following me, Hekusu~!

-Raven, your all-time most dependable Death Note fangasmer

12/25/15 1

Here you go you fab person :christmas_tree:🎄:sparkles:

Thank you so much!! Shiro!

You are the best!

11/30/15 1

Shion is freakin great


Read more...(3)

Reply to: Aspin♡

Well...i am not entirely sure if ill be able to do a perfect BG for u but i can try.

You see, i use to make edits on my samsung S3 but it lately got broken and now i use an old HTC.

I dont edit on the HTC, i instead use my pc to make edits but i have never attempted to make a Bg edit but i could try to do so.

Reply to: Hex:clubs:23 [Obscure Jägare]

Really?! Thank you! I don't mind if it's perfect or not.

11/11/15 0

Baka come back to the group

Sweet bio:ok_hand:👌🏽:dragon_face:🐲

I'm excited to be apart of the group:grin:😁

Reply to: ⓨⓤⓝⓐ ⓒⓡⓨⓢⓣⓐⓛ


09/26/15 0

Hey hey :wave:👋:wave:👋

Im here form #aaws and I wanna heard if you wanna be instead in a write challenge ^~^

So what you going to do.


No. ;~;

Anyway I hope too see you join ^^ have nice day!

Reply to: Neferpitou

You're welcome :D

09/15/15 0

Reply to: Hɛx:clubs:23 [Obscure Jägare]

Once again, thank you XD

Reply to: Neferpitou

Ah okay.


We shall see

itll take sum time to think of an anime for the challenge. But yeah. Ill probably do it....


09/15/15 0

Reply to: Hɛx:clubs:23 [Obscure Jägare]

Skill doesn't matter xD I don't judge anyone. And I always thank people who do, or consider, or even decline the challenge because I am taking a part of their time just by tagging them to do these XD It's always a great feeling when the challenges are accepted and get done though xD

Reply to: Neferpitou

Does my consideration really matter? XD

I never thought to be so important to someone whos more skilled in AA than me.

09/15/15 0

Reply to: Hɛx:clubs:23 [Obscure Jägare]

Thanks for considering the challenge XD

Reply to: Neferpitou


I might do it.

09/15/15 0

Hi there xD I'm tagging you into the a new challenge called the Return to Sender Challenge. It's a brand new challenge and like always, there's NO DEADLINE to it :blush:😊

Are you up to the challenge??

Accept :white_check_mark:

Decline :x:

Reply to: $|Michael McDoesn'tExist|和【軍】

You like dis stuff too? (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Think we will get along much more better than before....(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hex. Bible Black. Futabu. Class me. Date me. Dont tell the populace about these goldmines. Let them discover them on their own. XD

Reply to: MIИIᎦHI

You're welcome!

I look forward to your story as well. If you do post it, that is. X3

Reply to: Hɛx:clubs:23

Haha excitment.

I was just letting you know about it.

And interesting that theres a fellow writer who is also posts their story here. (Well; side as you say)

Because I was wanting to post my story. But felt that it was out of place, but coming across your story. Which is well set up with plot and characters I like the idea of the cross hybrid humans.

I wanted to say thanks for the influence because I might decide to post mines as well.

I know there isnt to reply on this comment, but thanking you.

Reply to: MIИIᎦHI


Omg yes!

Oh and btw its a side story that I began on AA. But its based off my original story on wattpad.

thanks for notifying me about this. I appreciate it. Haha.

If i may ask. What do you think of the side story? Pros? Cons? Your personal opinion?

I would love to hear them.

Hey, I couldn't help, but notice your story that was on featured.

I never thought someone else would post their story here from Wattpad haha.

Reply to: Roe2

Yes? Do i know you?

08/27/15 0


Reply to: Hɛx:clubs:23 [Aqualad]

Oh, my bad :sweat_smile:😅

Reply to: αииαℓαуѕ¢нιρѕ:heart_decoration:💟

Thank you. Im flattered but ive already seen the post lol

Konnichiwa! Please check out the #AAWS new Writer's question! Tap here to view it: ^w^ (Only you, the chosen one, may know that the face is really a link. You must never tell anyone the secret to your success in finding the hidden link). Thank you for your time, it is greatly appreciated.

Reply to: :sparkles::trident:🔱Lore:trident:🔱:sparkles:

(°∀°)b No Prob.