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I figured if you actually wanted to know me you'd have a conversation with me. Why tell a complete stranger everything about yourself. So if whoever has any questions feel free to ask ya.

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Hello there XD You have just been tagged into the 7 Wonders of Anime Challenge. It's a brand-new challenge and there's no deadline to it :blush:😊

Are you up for the challenge??

Accept :white_check_mark:

Decline :x:

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Hey, you have just been tagged into the Last Encounters Challenge. It's a new challenge and there's no deadline to it. Do you accept??

Yes [ :heavy_check_mark: ]

No [ :x: ]

The Moe Squad has recognised you.

You've been targeted by the #MoeSquad

The MoeSquad has left a message "We'll be waiting." They said.

Np you have my waifu as your profile

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Now i thank you for the follow:blush:😊:smiley:😃

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Reply to: :sparkles::two_hearts:💕Avion:two_hearts:💕:sparkles:

Lol :3

Reply to: NickV

No problem:scream:😱

07/24/15 0

You're very welcome, thanks for the likes back ^_^ :D

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Reply to: :sparkles::two_hearts:💕Avion:two_hearts:💕:sparkles:

Yay! I feel sooo special :laughing::satisfied:😆

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Thank you for following me:blush:😊:laughing::satisfied:😆

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I'm your 1000th Follower!

And thank you for the follow and looking forward to talking to you and becoming friends with you

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Yayy :relaxed: Text Me :blush:😊

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You seem cool , wanna be friends ? :relaxed:

Hello there! (๑ ऀืົཽ◞ ˙̫̮ ◟ ऀืົཽ๑)

You have been tagged to do the

                 ⇢ #YICC ⇠

             Do you accept?

       Yes (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧      No (⌯͒⁍̩̩᷄ ɪ ⁍̩̩᷄ฅ͒)

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Thanks for the follow! !

03/17/15 0

Thanks for the like! Always looking for new friends with similar interests, so let me know if you want to be friends of sorts. And we can talk about Anime and what not, I'm always down for a good conversation. Give me the heads up so we can follow each other! Otherwise stay awesome!

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Thanks for voting in my "Do you watch the openings?" Poll :blush:😊 make sure to come back and see which side won!

11/21/14 0

Hajimemashite...! :blush:😊

TᗩᑎK YOᑌ ᖴOᖇ ᗪᗩ ᒪIKE!!!:yum:😋

09/12/14 0

Ciao-su! Thanks for following me. Hope we can see eye to eye and be good friends. Stay calm and be kawaii, Onegai?

Reply to: Megadethbreath

Thank you so much:scream:😱:cry:😢:sparkles::two_hearts:💕

09/12/14 0

I love your steins gate profile pic

09/09/14 0

Mmk. I see some new fall anime worth watching

Reply to: yeti.legit

If you can just give me a minute to get a list together:relaxed:

09/09/14 0

What anime are you currently watching?

09/08/14 0

I posted a new blog be sure to check it out I hope u like it

This time it's about How To Download Anime In iPod iPhone And iPad

Reply to: Mika-chan-

:joy:😂love u to love

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Thank you for following love u

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Thanks for all the likes :watermelon:🍉:v:

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Ditto :relieved:😌:ok_hand:👌

Thanks for the follow

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Reply to: benzy

Thank you for all of yours to:blush:😊

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Thanks for the likes!:)

10/14/13 0

Reply to: Avion

It is fun people fear you along the way

Reply to: Madara Uchiha

:eyes:👀sounds fun:yum:😋

10/14/13 0

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I'm taking over the world nothing much

Reply to: Madara Uchiha

Oh well I'm studying and you:eyes:👀

10/14/13 0

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Hello what's up

10/14/13 0

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Your welcome

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Thanks for posting something to like :eyes:👀:eyes:👀

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Thx for the like