Invasion of the Parasytes

Time to crack down this challenge, with some movie and anime parallels. Well you all know how the challenge works so I'll better start explaining which series I picked up and why.

I'm a big sci-fi and horror junkie and would watch anything that has those two genres together and although there are counties possibilities of various movies pairing with anime, I'll be going with two classics. Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Parasyte. Both are very similar but also have a lot of different points, each carrying their own charm.

I chose both of them not just because they incorporate science fiction and horror but because one is an age old classic and is pretty funny to watch and the other is a well made anime that can be both intriguing or a mindless action anime at times.

Similarities of the Two


The premise of both the movie and the anime are basically the same just with a bit of tweaking. The aliens in both movie and the anime come in the form of spores, however they differ at the presentation of them as well as how people are affected by them. Both Body Snatchers and Parasyte deal with the idea of aliens taking over bodies. Both are really mysterious and not much is known about them. While Body Snatchers has some explanation on the whole alien thing, Parasyte has little to none. Despite that they portray the mystery aspect of those aliens pretty well in my opinion. Which makes both mediums entertaining to watch to say the least. What I also like about both portrayals of aliens is that at first people don't really notice the oddness of people until something happens. What's intriguing about both the movie and anime is the utter shock that people are put in when they find out what's up with both the Snatched and Parasites. That really makes you think though, what if someone close to you was affected like that would you notice it straight away or would it be too late for you to find out the strangeness of these beings. Both mediums shine at portraying horror elements and blending them with a sci-fi twist. Although both are pretty unlikely to happen, they do make us think what if that was real.

Mystery of the aliens

Both aliens in Body Snatchers and Parasyte came in spore form and chances are people did not see them descend and are clueless about them. They are dismissed as a case of mass hysteria and paranoia in the movie and some prolific murders in the anime. Again like I've said before, people did not see them coming, know very little about them and they are not recognisable easily. Whilst adding to the general mysterious tone of both film and the anime. I like the focus on those aliens trying to live a normal life, they succeed for a period of time before they are found out. The doctor who comes to check up on town notices strange behaviour in people. In Parasyte this is shown as Murano doubting Izumi a lot and Tamiya Ryoko’s mother straight up saying that she is not her daughter but rather something entirely different. However those were just people close to the affected. The general public was pretty clueless in both instances. The town life was going smoothly even with pod people running around and in Parasyte this was shown with Tamiya Ryoko being a teacher and some parasites running for mayor. I feel like this was a nice way of telling that people aren't very perceptive of small changes in others. Besides both the movie and anime retained the mystery and were genuinely scary at times.

While not a lot can be said about this theme but I've noticed that a focus on family is put in Body Snatchers and Parasyte. A lot of people Santa Mira are worried about their love ones in fear that they might be turned into aliens. While Parasyte focuses more on the family of Shinichi and how he lives while having to fight other parasytes, keeping his secret and having to deal with loss and stuff like murder.



While the premise of the Body Snatchers and Parasyte are almost identical in the presentation the endings could not be more different. Body Snatchers end with a lot of pods travelling elsewhere around the country and infecting a lot of people while the titular town of Santa Mira is closed and blocked due to what happened earlier, the doctor believes the witness report and decides that is the best choice of action in order to stop the spreading of these pod people however it's already too late.

In Parasyte we only saw the view of a small city in Japan which apparently was the only one affected by the parasitic spores that turned people into cannibalistic savages. However we are not shown any other location other than that one affected city. Also the ending of Parasyte does not include a barricaded city. Also most of the parasites in the show are killed or disappeared like was the case with Migi.


Invasion of the Body Snatchers deals with a couple of disorders such as a paranoia and mass hysteria, as the people are doubting their own family as they think they are one of the pod people. They also showcase an interesting thing called the Capgras illusion which again shows people that think their loved ones are transformed even though they look identical. There are also themes of alienation.

Parasyte focuses more on the line between human/monster and when the line between those fade. There are also heavy focus on things like murder, suffering and grief. All thing that Shinichi has done or went through himself.


Invasion of the Body Snatchers is set in a small town but in older times, meaning the means of passing information are not widely available and even if the help could arrive they would still take a few days to get there. No media coverage or newspaper articles about the pod people were shown as no one really knew what was going on there in the first place. The pods even spread to other cities most likely infecting them as well.

Parasyte was set in Modern day Japan, the first murders were announced the same day in newspapers and various news. Also a lot more information was available to people so they could at least research the parasites or do something like document their behavior. Parasyte was set in a more advanced setting and the whole mincemeat murders were an interesting case that regular people did not know about.

Also the pod people and parasites greatly differed when it came to powers. While they both took the form of their host, pod people didn't have any superpowers or anything and only focused on overtaking the human race. Parasites on the other hand, had superhuman reflexes and strength as well as blades protruding from their heads which was the core for the parasites.


Well that was it for my #AnimexMovieChallenge. That's all folks. Until next time.