One Piece Chapter 878 Oda's Hint & My Thoughts

Hello One Piece lovers!

First i want to say i loved this chapters color spread, with the whole watermelon theme. I wish Robin would be in the front, but that's a small rant. I thought it was a beautiful spread and i always look forward to the next color spread. This is definitely going in my collection! :D


Let's Begin:

A lot happend in this chapter, it was very intense and emotional. The chapter starts off with a panel of Big Mom and Pedro. It seems to be a flashback of Big Mom taking away some of Pedro's lifespan, well it gets mentioned. We see an interaction between Perospero and Pedro, where they talk about how long Pedro had to live. I think the moment that stood out the most in this chapter was Gold D Rogers. We barely see him, so when we do see him it's very exciting. Not much happened with Rogers and Pedro. Rogers was stating that he had limited time, and Pedro later finds out that Rogers is dead. What stood out to me was the quote Rogers said, which seems to be directed towards us the readers.

Rogers Says:

It's very obvious that Oda was directing this towards us the readers, because he wanted to let us know that Sanji's moment is coming. I think Oda wanted to remind us that he understands and his listening. There has been a lot of complains regarding Sanji and people's expectations. The community expected Sanji to get a huge fight this arc, and since he hasn't had any complete fights, only surrendering. The community wasn't really happy about it. So for those of you who are desperate for this i think it's coming up. If anything this chapter foreshadowed the intensity level that's about to rise from the next upcoming chapters, especially since we are reaching the conclusion. I also want to add those words weren't only for us, but for Pedro's moment. I think Oda wanted to give it more reason and more impact, and i think it was successful.

After the flashback we see Carrot and the Straw Hats a mess. During this entire chapter the one thing that really pained me was Carrot. I don't think she ever lost someone right in front of her eyes, the way it happened. She was really upset and saddened, Nami had to pull her back and remind her of why Pedro made this decision. I think the way this chapter played out means that we actually might have gotten confirmation that Pedro is actually dead. We got the flashback and the frustration and sadness of the crew, that alone gave me the impression he could really be dead. If he is actually dead, i wouldn't be upset.

His a very favored character and i think if we actually loved him, we should let him go and give him this legendary moment. Sacrificing himself to protect the future, i think that's a very beautiful way to die. I also really love the way Oda centered more of the attention towards Luffy and Carrot. In the previous chapter the one thing i kept thinking was how is Carrot going to react towards Pedro's sacrafice. We also see the reaction towards the commanders and soldiers of Big Mom towards Perospero. I guess they really do care for their own family, from the facial expressions of all the commanders and soldiers.

Then we get a scene with Luffy giving a speech to the entire team. Which i really want to give importance to. Luffy was extremely "captain like" this entire chapter, taking responsibility and trying to hold everyone together, instead of falling apart. Luffy reminding everyone that they can't let his sacrafice go to waste. Luffy was completely taking control of the situation which was really cool to see. I think a lot of the community forget that part of Luffy. When push comes to shove Luffy definitely takes control when he needs to. I think he did very well in keeping everything glued in this chapter. It's always exciting when he acts like this, because thats when things intensifies.

Then we see Katakuri highly upset about Perospero and taking action. Carrot wanting to go on a rampage. Again i really loved the facial expressions drawn out for Carrot. I think from here on moving forward were going to see more of Carrot fighting and emotionally struggling. It was a little disappointing that Carrot didn't successfully make an impactful move on Katakuri while she was angry. But, I think it's okay since I really do feel like she is getting more shine on the upcoming chapters. We also see a flashback of Carrot and Pedro interacting with each other, so Oda gave us a small glimpse of a moment they shared. Which i thought was really cool, we didn't really get to see much of Pedro and his past. Even if we didn't get to see a lot, i still really appreciated Oda giving us some flashback on Pedro. I really loved Pedro as a character i thought he was really cool and i felt like he had a lot to give. The little that we did see i really enjoyed, he was very similar to Brook. He was loyal and he always had this sense of duty. The little scene with Rogers also proved that he kept Rogers words in his thoughts, the entire arc i think he was desperate to be of help and make sure that the future is secured. It was really frustrating to see Perospero alive, and Big Mom still going on a rampage. So i do think that, him being alive took away from Pedro's resolve. However this doesn't mean that it was all for nothing, since they actually manage to get away.

I really like the way the chapter felt, it gave a really desperate and sad feeling. Later we see Luffy engaging Katakuri after Carrot confronted him. Luffy decides to retrain Katakuri making him unable to make a move. Just when the team is about to leave Big Mom decides to eat the sunny like it's a cake. Honestly i really thought Big Mom would collapse and stay on the ground for a little. I really liked this scene it was really intense. We see Big Mom chewing on the Sunny, Nami panicking, we also see Perospero alive. I also thought it was very sly of Oda to make us believe for one second that Pedro was alive because of Nami's reaction. I think he wanted to give us a bit of a shock or reaction. Even though Perospero is alive, it did come with a price since he lost his arm. The sunny manages to escape using the Burst and Luffy decides to stay behind inside the mirror with Katakuri and the soldiers. Luffy breaking the mirror was a really cool panel as well, one of my favorites in Wholecake.


This chapter was amazing, and i hardly say that. I was going through so many emotions while reading it. I was panicking for Carrot and the crew, i am still panicking for Luffy. Oda did a great job at making it feel like a desperate situation while not taking away from the sadness of Pedro. I loved every single panel that was drawn in this chapter, we got to see more panels with Katakuri as well. My expectations going into this chapter was a troll. I thought Pedro would still be alive somehow, i also thought the fishman would arrive in this chapter or at least by the end of it. Everything that happened wasn't really what i expected and i am okay with that. I think this is one of the best chapters of Wholecake. I rate it a 4 out 5. I am happy this chapter came out early as well, i wasn't really expecting a chapter so soon.

Next few chapters:

I think the next upcoming chapters is going to be really hectic. I think it's going to continue to get really bad before it gets good. I think Sanji baking the cake will come up in the next chapter or the one after that. I am really excited for Sanji's scene, especially because of this chapter. I think the impatience that the community was feeling throughout wholecake will pay off in the next few chapters. It's really concerning to see the way it ended because Luffy is now alone with Katakuri. I think there's many ways Luffy can counter his abilities. I am looking forward to learning more about the similarities their abilities have to one another. I am also looking forward to possibly seeing new moves Oda might have reserved. I think something might happen and it will cut the fight for us viewers. I dont really think Oda is going to show us the entire fight. Mainly because Oda might want to save some surprises for when the Big Mom War begins. I think he will want to set up a stage before actually showing us some major scenes. I still think it can be exciting, because we will be seeing more then before. I also think the Straw Hats will have to hold their own, before Sanji and Luffy arrives.

Let me know what you guys thought of the chapter? What do you think will happen next...


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