QQ Sweeper | スイーパー⋆

“My life goal is to marry a rich man!”

Hihi AA! Momoi here! Back again with another blog but, this time not a drawing tutorial but a manga review. Today’s manga review will be a review of “QQ Sweeper” , written by Kyousuke Motomi, the same author who wrote “Dengeki Daisy” , “Beast Master” and lot more. Unfortunately, this manga has only 3 volumes (15 chapters) and is completed but, in this review I'll talk about the plot , the characters and the art of the manga. Without further ado, let's start our review!

The manga is about a 16 years old girl named Fumi Nishioka whom was abandoned by her own relatives a few weeks ago without any clue , money nor even a place to live in. Like this , Fumi decides to find herself a new home and start a new life. She finds herself in an old campus , inside a room which surprisingly was clean and had a very warm atmosphere in it. She fell asleep in the room till the next day. Another important protagonist in this manga is a teen just like Fumi named Kyutaro Horikita who was very good at cleaning and was in charge of cleaning the old campus. This way , Fumi and Kyutaro meet each other in the campus , which didn't end up good at the end. Funny thing is that both of them were in the same school and class. Fumi was the transfer student and unexpectedly, a lot of people started to talk with her. Fumi’s life goal was to marry a wealthy man , which till now never happened. But, this time she was sure that she'd find her Prince Charming. From Fumi’s and the other classmates perspective, Kyutaro was a weird person who was a freak at cleaning but, was very good at it. The chairman of the school was a relative of Kyutaro but no one actually knew about it. After calling Fumi to his office and learning the sad truth about her background, he decided to help her find a place to stay at. Fumi was also looking for a job to have money but still didn't find any. After school she went back to the campus to take her bag. There she found her classmate and two of his friends drinking and playing games in the room which she slept last night. Now it was all dirty , the smell was horrible and it was all messy. Fumi got angry at them and right when they started to touch Fumi and yell at her , Kyotaru appeared and helped her. What was surprising is that at that time some bugs appeared from the floor and started to crawl on the boys. The boys ran away from the fear. After the bugs left, Fumi fainted.

What was shocking after she woke up is the ancient door which was in front of her. Fumi didn't remember the door being there when she was still conscious. She heard Sakaguchi’s voice (the classmate from earlier that ran away) from inside the door which was asking for help. She didn't know what to do but at the end decided to go inside and help him all alone. The chairman noticed that someone went inside the ancient door but didn't know who , so he informed Kyutaro immediately. Kyutaro knew who went in the door and ran as fast as he could to save her. He got his weapons (cleaning objects) and an owl and went inside the door. He found Fumi inside Sakaguchi’s door and saved her from a giant bug. Kyutaro killed the bug and set free Sakaguchi from the bugs that were eating him. After all this , the chairman talked with Fumi again about all of this. For Fumi all this incident was something unbelievable and just shocking but, after what the chairman told her about all of this , she understood what happened and what Kyutaro, the chairman and the owl are. All three of them were sweepers who save people from these bugs (appeared in different kinds and sizes) which infect humans minds and heart.with this , the sweepers clean their minds from these ancient doors and save them once and for all. The chairman offered Fumi to work as a housekeeper and a sweeper for them in their house and by that she could find a job but , also have a place to live in. With this Fumi found the solution for her life and gladly accepted the offer.

From now on Fumi started to live with the three of them in a mansion. 10 years ago Kyutaro had a really precious friend of his , who sadly disappeared and never came back. Ever since then Kyutaro never forgot about her , the warm moments that they had together , the feeling he had for her and still had the feeling that she'd come back one day. The name of the girl was Fuyu and Fumi reminded of her from Kyutaro’s eyes but he still wasn't completely sure that it was really her. Fumi got to have her own room and also got trained from Kyutaro. Soon another situation like Sakaguchi's one appeared. This time the popular guy of the school was infected by the bees. Before that time at school the boy choked Fumi and called her a “cursed girl” , this brings Fumi back memories from the past years , where her surroundings call her the “cursed girl” because all of her close people after some time would end up getting hurt or have an accident. Fumi has been living like this all this time and tried to forget about it but couldn't. Like this , Fumi, Kyutaro and the old granny (the owl) went inside the popular guys door and saved him. After that Fumi told the chairman and the others about what happened with that guy and that she didn't remember anything from 10 years ago. That night Fumi tried to leave the house so they could be safe from her and not get hurt or in any accident. Fortunately, Kyutaro was still awake during that time and was able to catch her and bring her back home. After that Fumi told them about her nickname “cursed girl” from other people and the story behind it. Even tho that was like that , the chairman and others still didn't let Fumi go and told her that she meant a lot to them and that they'd never leave her go that easily. Fumi was still not sure about this but stayed in the mansion again. The next day Fumi decided to still work for them and live with them.

A bug-handler appeared in the show , who was interested in Fumi and wanted to take her away from the sweepers. This bug-handler was a student in the same school as Fumi and Kyutaro , his name is Ataru Shikata who also appeared to be a fortune teller in school. One day one of Fumi’s friend named Kaori invited her and two of her friends to karaoke. They gladly accepted but at the end it turned out that it was a mixer and the Ataru was one of the boys in there. He accepted to come at the mixer just because he had interest in Fumi and was waiting for her all this time. The chit-chat was already in the room , the fortune teller doing his work , but Fumi wasn't really having fun and decided to leave earlier. At that time Ataru said that there was a dark aura around Fumi and that she was a “cursed girl”. Everyone started to panic and Ataru infected some of the people in there , including Kaori. Everyone ran out of the karaoke room blaming Fumi. Ataru’s purpose was to get Fumi all for himself since only he knew who she was and what powers she kept inside herself. Right at that time Kyutaro came and saved Fumi once again. Everyone at school got to know about the yesterday's incident and everyone believed that Fumi was the “cursed girl” so they all started to bully her by calling her names , writing on her desk and other horrible things. But , despite that she never looked down. Kaori was also one of those people who bullied Fumi. Kaori’s body and mind was already getting eaten by the bugs while doing all of this. She was aware of that but she still kept on doing what other people were. Later on , people heard that this “cursed girl” nickname was nothing more than just a game and from that time and on , no one bullied Fumi again but, instead became friends with her and treated her better , unlike Kaori. She regretted what she did all this time and thought that she was better not alive in this world anymore.

This will for dying got bigger and bigger everyday which lead Kaori to call Fumi and apologize to her for what all she did and even tell her that she was better dead. Fumi immediately knew that Kaori was in danger so she , Kyutaro and the others went to search for her and save her. They found her at the roof of the hospital. Ataru was there as well and was the one controlling Kaori, but unexpectedly , Fumi turned into a different person and was able to control people easily, with that she saved Kaori from jumping off the roof and promised her that she'd save her from the bugs. Fumi fainted after that and never knew what happened during the time she had those powers. Right after she woke up , she together with Kyutaro and granny got inside Kaori’s mind and were able to save her once and for all. With that , Fumi was able to save her friend and keep her promise. From that time Ataru disappeared and didn't show up. Fumi got to know that she wasn't a “cursed girl”. But she still didn't know why cousins she remember herself from 10 years ago and about this special power or ability of hers. Like in all romantic mangas, Fumi and Kyutaro start to like each other and hopefully get together. With that being said , the manga ends!

I really enjoyed reading manga , it was a very entertaining one since it wasn't only a usual love story but it also was supernatural and unique from other mangas. I also liked it because it had comedy in it which made the reading even better. Fumi was a very interesting character. What I loved the most about her is her enthusiasm and her optimistic personality which never seemed to let her down despite for being in that condition. I also loved that she would never hesitate to do or say something even tho it would be her first time doing it. Her caring personality for her friends and classmates was also an important thing in her which made her even more of a great protagonist. Just the fact that she could do all of these things in that kind of condition proves how strong and amazing she is. On the other side Kyutaro is also an amazing protagonist. He's a very sensitive person when it comes to his background but tried to hide it by cleaning and helping the others. He cares a lot about Fumi and she is his most important person in life , and that's the reason why he's always beside her in the manga , helping her and saving her no matter the situation. Kyutaro is a very strong character as well , which has a badass personality, but also has a very cute and shy side. There are other amazing characters in this manga but these two are the most important ones. I loved the plot of the manga since it was something I've never read before but unfortunately only had 3 volumes (15 chapters). I also loved the art style of the manga. The characters and the places were well detailed and drawn which made the manga look even more professional. I loved the covers of the manga and the colors chosen for it , especially the 3rd volumes one which just looked beautiful and aesthetic. I loved reading this manga and would re-read it every time!