My Thoughts On Papirika!

Hello to all members of Anime Amino!

Well today I was able to finish to film, I am quite busy but Could spare some time for a classic type of Anime film.

Anime Movie :- Papirika

Running Time :- Around 90 minutes

Based of a novel named "Papirika"

Genre:- Scientific fiction, Drama

Animation Studio:- Madhouse

Released Around:- September 2006 in Venice and November 2006 in Japan

So just I will give a brief plot based on what I understood.


Now there is always a debate about whether Science has lead to more good or more evil. Me personally feel that science is a weapon which we can use for good or evil purposes, so it's upto us humans whether we want to make a heaven or a hell~

DC mini is a device created by a man child Genius which helps the doctor to get inside the patient's dreams to find the route of the cause for those patients who are having disturbed sleep and which is also affecting their health. The "DC mini" project is an unauthorised project, which is illegal and run secretly by set of doctors to help people later on, once the test runs are successful. But the process is halted as DC minis are stolen from the location and it's about to misused which can cause total havoc to the humanity.

Now generally after reading the plot it was natural of me to give this anime movie a try, and...I am happy that I wasted time on this movie.

Spoilers (Warning)

Now whoever has watched this movie will know about the tripping experience u will feel throughout the movie because of the constant swinging between the real world and the dream world and I must admit it was bit difficult to the fast pacing of this film In the first few minutes. Hell the first scene( Starting of with the circus scene) showed me what this movie have to offer and I was immediately full into it. I was just baffled after the first scene which showed me a glimpse of the power what DC mini has.

About the story as such, I was really confused at what was happening in the beginning with the introduction of so many new characters and out of nowhere the DC mini gets stolen, so there was a lot to take in. The scene where Dr.Shima jumped from the building after breaking the glass made me confused but immediately I figured out that someone was misusing the DC mini. From then on I started to hang of what were going on. The idea of merging the dreams of 2 or more people in a single dream is so well executed in this movie although I believe many viewers will disagree with me due to its fast pacing.

After finished watching this movie from an Anime site, I just scrolled down to see the comments and I have to agree with some of the comments stating that "there is lack of character development". Yes! I do agree with that comment although we should consider it's just a 90 mins movie , but I also felt Detective Toshimi's character development was well done, the thing about his regret about losing his friend and constantly blaming himself for his death and with that not going to movies because of it was a nice background story which kept liking this character. One character whom I actually wanted to see more of character development was..Papirika of course

Who Or What Is Papirika?

The major confusion for me personally is what is she exactly? All I know is she is an "alter ego" of Dr.Chiba. look this is just an interpretation but I feel she is like an interactive A.I. who seem to have some attributes of Dr.Chiba as she and DC Mini is created by Dr.Tokito. I believe her basic function is to help the doctor out in finding way to find the cause for troubled dreams as such. To me personally I really liked her happy go lucky attitude and it's well implied during the opening song of this movie. Even her character art and design is so attractive and appealing. In general she is independent to take her decisions and is not dependant on Dr.Chiba, so this is just my interpretation maybe wrong so please do correct me!

Relationship between Dr.Tokito and Dr.Chiba

Ok this relationship was like a "mother and a son" relationship or a "mentor- student relationship " and I felt at that moment it was going on the right track. Then out of nowhere near the end of the movie, it's indicated quite clearly that Dr.Chiba has feelings for Dr.Tokito and I am like...WHAT? Like..I can't believe they just did why did they do that, I felt they just did it to put some so called "relationship" to make this anime film to have a proper happy ending..All that time I was thinking Detective Toshimi will get her to fall for him but then I see this..If they really wanted to surprise me..Well there u have it.

Me personally would have shipped Papirika and Toshimi..but of course if Papirika was real.

Now let's talk about the antagonists of this movie. Look I wasn't much surprised to see the director of the company as the main villain but I was bit surprised to see Dr.Osanai as the secondary villain. To be honest I felt he was more like a side character but I can understand why he became a villain. The concept of "Being whatever u want" and perhaps being the God of a new world was the main motive of the director. His thirst for power and bad need of legs to walk made him to stop thinking about the consequences he will bring to the world for his selfish gains.

Of course Osanai was blinded by jealousy and wanted attention and love from Dr.Chiba. anyway both of them met their downfall just because of their lack of analytical thinking.

What if the idea of DC mini was actually possible in Real world?

]Yeah this question actually brings chills to my spine, the mere thought of it makes me scared. Look there are positives but I would like to say no thanks as I be better of with my sleeping pills. Anyway I will be falling from a roof every time if this was real.


Paprika Opening HD

The opening and the ending song is the same and it's just soo good to hear. I just love it~

The song and it's visuals really show Papirika's overall personality. I found it pretty cool!

I don't have much complaints with the general music throughout the film especially the ones during the dreams.


Madhouse has done an amazing job. The fast paced transitions which occur throughout the anime must be very difficult to animate but they have done it ever so well. Even when I wasn't sure of what was going on..The animation just kept me glued to the scene as I couldn't look away from the beauty of this animation style.


Without a doubt I thoroughly enjoyed it although that cannot be said by ever viewer of this movie because of how different and u can say "weird" it is. For me, I agree it is weird but weird in a good way^^

My Rating:- 8.6/10

If they had given us a better set of details about Papirika's origin and more explanation about the working DC mini, I might have rated it higher. Oh well please do watch this film but beware, this film may make u lose ur mind! Lol.