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July-August Feedback

With September in full swing & already nearing its halfway point, it's time for another Feature Feedback. Also, with some interesting new features being recently implemented it's a perfect opportunity to properly address any thoughts, questions, or concerns you may have.


*Key points to remember before contributing your feedback*

•Keep your comments relevant to the topic of this post. Do not expect a reply to off-topic comments.

•Troll comments will not be tolerated.

•Technical issues of any kind (i.e. recent updates) should be submitted into the Support Form

•Be the change you want to see. Is there too much of a particular series or topic in the feed? Dilute the feed with your own, unique content. Do you want to see more of something else? Create it. We can only feature the content that you create. The feed is a direct reflection of what the community is making. We do our best to give every blog a fair chance (this applies to long blogs as well as short blogs as they are all given equal review) & every user an equal opportunity to blog about their favorite topics.

•If your comment is about the speed of the feed remember: The speed of the Front Page will never be perfect. That's the reality of it. We really do try to keep things at a consistent pace, & we have or own methods for doing so, but it can be difficult. Sometimes there isn't enough to feature & blogs are scarce so it's slow. Other times multiple curators are trying to feature blogs & they accidentally feature at the same time. It's important to remember that regardless of where a blog is on the Front Page, it's there. It will get recognition. So please worry less about how long a blog is on the top spot & instead be proud of the fact that the blog you put all of your hard work into was featured.


Voice Chat, Voice Notes, Shared Folder

While we are well aware that there are some with very strong opinions on at least one of these new features, we are curious to hear about the experiences of those who have tried them. Were they easy to use? Did you enjoy the features? How can they be improved/changed so that they will be more enjoyable & easier to use or perhaps so you will actually consider giving them a try?


•Don't be a troll

•Be the change you want to see

•Consistency is key (Front Page)

•Help us improve our new features for your convenience


Share the Spotlight

Help influence what the community sees. If you see any content that you enjoyed reading & you feel deserves to be recognized by the community, please link it in the comment section of the Featured Nominations blog.

If you have any unique ideas you'd like to share with the community, consider creating your own unique challenge/contest by submitting your idea to the Event Idea Form (if it doesn't open in your Anime Amino browser please use an external browser)

Dear Anime Amino

Remember that at the end of the day we are all here because we enjoy anime & manga. The Featured Feedback is designed for us to be able to make Anime Amino an amazing experience for everyone. Even if we don't always implement the changes you want to see, we do read & discuss everything you, the community, tell us. The curators are here for you guys. We are here because we want you all to enjoy your time here. I volunteered for this position because I'm passionate about anime, manga, & creative expression. It is to that end that, regardless of your relationship with us, if you have any concerns, queries, you feel like your voice isn't heard on a community-wide post, or you simply would like to talk then please message me personally & I'll do my best to get back to you as quickly as I can.