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"Aw, you know I'm always telling you to call me Lizzie! Oh, every time I see you, you're just so cute!"

-Elizabeth Midford

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Hello Anime Amino! It's penguin and today I'll be "analyzing" Elizabeth Midford from Black Butler! Note this will be my third blog dedicated to this specific anime plus manga series. I might continue with the Black Butler "spree" or not. Anyways, I hope you guys like this "analysis" (review) and enjoy~!!

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:warning:May Contain Spoilers!:warning:

Please note, I only watched the first season of black butler, book of circus, and half of book of murder. I only read some volumes of the manga series but not all. Been told that the information from my last two blogs ain't accurate so I apologize since it's entirely base on what I know so far ;^;

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"He finally returned to the mansion, but he wasn't able to laugh anymore. I love Ciel. I love Ciel's smile. Why is it as though we always seem to end up going in circles. How can I bring back his smile?"

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Elizabeth Midford is one of the main antagonist (pretty sure she is) of the anime plus manga series Black Butler. She's the daughter of the "Midford" family but also Ciel's fiancé. Also known as future wife. When calling Elizabeth, people would usually call her "Ojou San" or just Elizabeth in general.

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Name: Elizabeth Midford

Kanji: エリザベス・ミッドフォード

Romaji: Erizabesu Middofōdo

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 13 - 14

Height: 154 cm

Birthday: 1874

Occupation: Lady of Midford

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Don't mind the actual dress. Had a really hard time finding her full appearance

A young lady, elegant yet cute. Her looks, could probably be a girl's ideal look inside a fictional story. Elizabeth look like an average girl with a girly look / appearance. She has extremely pale skin, beautiful green eyes which sure pops out a lot, but also yellow / blonde curly hair styled in twin tails which does give out this drill look. Throughout both the anime and manga series, Elizabeth was shown wearing a dress at all times. As expected, her dress looks fancy, rich, and elegant. Her dress usually / always reaches up to the floor and it seems like they're made out of good fabric materials. Elizabeth herself actually doesn't have a main outfit but she's shown wearing that red dress most of the time so I suppose that's her "main outfit." Her gown which I must admit, looks extremely cute but not my type of outfit reaches almost up to her ankle area. The base color of the dress is red but consists other colors such as pink and white. Quite the girly type of dress, definitely isn't my cup of tea but once again, it looks cute. Her dress has this v-cut look around her chest area and a pink bow on her chest. Her dress sure looks frilly, frills are everywhere! Instead of having a short sleeved gown, she wears a long sleeved gown. Her gown seems like it has two layers, or more. As you can see, there's a section on the dress where pink is visible and a layer of red was on top of it. Elizabeth was shown wearing a hair piece which looks like a flower in red but it seems like some of the petals are pink. Looking closely, Elizabeth was shown wearing a choker type of neckwear that has flowers on it as well. For shoes, she was shown wearing white socks and some black / brown sandal type of shoes. As expected, Elizabeth always have a smile on her face resulting her to have this innocent expression to her face.

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Elizabeth who basically looks like your average girly girl. As expected, her personality's probably the same. Anyways, Elizabeth was shown to love cute things, especially Ciel. "Why Ciel?" Said something similar to that since you're new to this series? Ciel is basically Elizabeth's fiancé (future wife) but it's also the fact that Ciel looks cute asf. Can't argue with that, right? Elizabeth seems to be overly obsessed or just obsessed with Ciel in general. Every time she sees him, she would usually run towards him immediately and hugs him tightly and stuff like that. However, Elizabeth's personality could get annoying at times. She cries easily such as that time where she broke Ciel's ring which had been passed down for generations. Since Ciel yelled at Elizabeth, she started crying. The way she cried isn't that annoying nor a burden, but I just dislike seeing characters crying, but it depends. Besides that, Elizabeth does seem to "learn from her mistakes." She realized how important Ciel's ring was and felt "bad" afterwards on what she had done. But after Ciel accepted to dance with her, she started getting happy and her old self came back. Elizabeth's basically a cheerful person who's basically happy 24/7. Rarely to never feel depressed but does learn from mistakes.

She looks weak on the outside doesn't she? Yep, that's what I thought about her in the first place. However after reading the manga but not all, I take that all back. Elizabeth's someone who truly loves Ciel and would basically do anything for him. Even though Ciel doesn't seem to repay Elizabeth's feelings towards him, it does seem like Ciel cares about Elizabeth. Elizabeth's a strong and bold miss. Protects her loved ones no matter what happens to her. However, Elizabeth soon revealed her other self in volume thirteen or fourteen I believe. Instead of "acting" all weak and innocent like usual, Elizabeth was extremely brave yet badass. She's actually quite a talented swordsman who was trained to use swords at a really young age. However, she usually hides this side of her since Ciel told that he's afraid of strong wives. Hearing such things made Elizabeth wanting to stop her training. However, her mother wouldn't allow her so she can't quit training. Due to her mother saying no, she continues as her skills continues to improve.

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Her Ability

Not expecting a girl who's girly asf and wears skirts / dresses / gowns 24/7 to be able to wields a sword? Well, that's basically me. Me finding out Elizabeth's actually a swordsman made my jaws drop a bit. A girl who's girly, acts weak and innocent, is actually a swordsman, impressive! Elizabeth learned how to use swords at a really young age. Each and every one of her family members are swordsman, I believe. Elizabeth would usually train with her mom and of course, her skills had improved. However, due to her training, she had grown fast and ended up being taller than Ciel! During fights, Elizabeth looks hella badass. She was shown wielding two swords at a time and not one. Maybe she isn't the best swordsman but for a girl who looks plus act weak is definitely jaws drop worthy. Sadly after hearing Ciel doesn't like wives that's strong, Elizabeth wanted to quit training but wasn't allowed to due to her mother saying no. It's actually really smart of Elizabeth to continue training and not actually stop. If she stops, all the hard work she had done will go to waste but it's also the fact you shouldn't listen to others. Just be yourself! If someone's not happy about the way you look, act, etc, don't listen to them since they're not the one controlling you and your future. You're the one who's controlling yourself and how you're future will be, not them.

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Relationship with Characters

Won't be listing all but some characters

Ciel Phantomhive

Gonna repeat this once again and that is Ciel's Elizabeth's cousin but also fiancé. At a really young age, they two was shown spending most of their time together. Talking, playing, laughing, the list goes on. But because of Ciel not liking strong wives, she was glad Elizabeth's her fiancé. However, Elizabeth haven't revealed her being a swordsman to Ciel and wanted to quit, because of Ciel. Not allowing to quit and had to continue her abilities in swords, she ended up hiding this secret from Ciel. When near him, Elizabeth would usually act all weak and innocent, just like how an average girl would act, right? Elizabeth truly cares about Ciel and would basically do anything for him. Even though Elizabeth doesn't want to be taller than Ciel and wants to be shorter / about the same height as him, she stops wearing shoes with heels. Even though Ciel wanted to be the one who protects Elizabeth, it's the total opposite. Elizabeth's actually stronger than Ciel considering she had a talent even though Ciel technically don't. She basically outshines Ciel due to her swordsmanship! Even though it doesn't seem like Ciel likes / loves her back, she still cares a lot about him. I don't necessary ship them two, but I do understand why there's people out there who would ship them two.

Francis Midford (mother)

Francis Midford, or just Francis is Elizabeth's mother. She was the one who trained Elizabeth resulting her to become a young girl who's able to wields swords! Not completely sure how she trained Elizabeth nor knows wether her training was harsh or not. But her mother sure did an amazing job since she was able to impressive me but probably others as well. Really want to see Elizabeth's swordsmanship improve as time pass but before saying such things, I may or may not need to watch "Black Butler: Book of Atlantic" since I believe that's where you can see Elizabeth using a sword animated, or not... Already read some parts of the manga with the manga cover as Elizabeth holding a sword having this badass look to it, which did "spoiled" me a bit, but I wasn't disappointed at all.

Paula (maid)

Can't think of any characters but Paula came up to my mind so why not talk a bit about her relationship with Elizabeth? Note their relationship between each other isn't that big nor "important" but it's quite cute, not gonna lie. Paula is Elizabeth's maid but also a friend of hers. To me, Paula seems more of a friend than a maid but that's probably just me. Elizabeth was shown with Paula by her side at times. She does worry about Elizabeth cause she's her maid but also a close friend of hers after all. Paula would usually call Elizabeth "Ojou San" meaning "miss" or "young lady." These two seem to be close yet great friends. Basically a dream come true, right? Well, I would love to have someone who has a similar personality like Paula. She's funny, cheerful, etc. Definitely a type of personality which you can't hate!

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First Impression

I remember once my mom told the librarians to add in the option for me to borrow books that's rated 13+ on my library card, I borrowed a sh*t ton of manga. Looking back at it, I realized I went a bit overboard / crazy. I borrowed like 15 volumes or more of black butler, some shoujo manga, and other series which I got no idea why I even decided to borrow them. In total, I borrowed about 30 manga and had trouble carrying them home, I felt ashamed. When I went home immediately, I started binge reading the manga volumes until my eyeballs "pop out." Didn't actually pop out but until I felt tired asf. I decided to bring those manga to school so I could "show off" my weeby side. Sadly, many started considering me weird because of the books I read during lunch time. Anyways back to topic. When Elizabeth was first introduced in the anime series, I knew right away she'll be the rich type of person, base on her hair. But at first, I didn't really like the fact that she's overly obsessed with Ciel but as time passed, I started getting used to it. For some reasons, when Ciel yelled at Elizabeth for breaking his blue ring, I somehow felt "glad or happy" and was like, "Yes, Ciel yelled at Elizabeth!" Not sure why I was glad nor happy but I knew I didn't really like Elizabeth as a character so far. But once I started reading volume 13 of the manga with Elizabeth as the cover image, my impression / thoughts on her changed. I ended up liking her as a character but not too much. Her abilities on using swords was probably why my thoughts on her changed. Was impressed she's actually someone who you could rely on due to her swordsmanship. Me seeing Elizabeth using a sword definitely made my jaws drop but it's also badass, not gonna lie. Was actually surprised Elizabeth's more of use than Ciel, but he's still bae.

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Overall Thoughts

Overall, Elizabeth was a fine character. I mainly found myself liking her abilities on using swords rather than her appearance, personality, etc. Her looks are elegant asf and could definitely be a girl's ideal look inside a fictional story. Maybe her appearance is a bit too girly for my taste, but I can't denied the fact that its cute yet gorgeous asf. Her personality does annoys me at times but not a lot. I find myself getting pissed at her sometimes, especially for breaking Ciel's ring. But other times, I find myself laughing at Elizabeth. She's a "good" comedic character but I had seen better. I do like her other side. Strong, bold, brave, the list goes on. You wouldn't expect a girl who acts weak and innocent to be someone who's a strong plus bold young lady but also have a talent for sword fights at a young age, would you? Cause obviously That young lady had surprised me lots and is definitely jaws drop worthy.

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Overall Score: 6

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I hope you guys like this analysis I did on Elizabeth Midford. Apparently, I misunderstood the difference between a review and analyze. They two are completely different from each other and that I'm doing a character review and not analysis. Buy I'll still be using analysis and not review in my blogs since it'll be difficult for me to start using the term review instead.

Thank you for Reading!