│Erza & Mirajane Drawing│


Greetings AA people!

I have finally decided to be productive for once, yusss*-* I thought of drawing a character from Fairy Tail since it was the first anime I've watched. From the title, you can already tell who I am going to draw ;) hehe

This will be the first post I'll be doing for AA Royals. I don't have any art experience before and all we learned about in art class are about artists/painters and not about art tutorials and tips so I'm pretty sure this won't turn out THAT good since I'm not knowledgeable enough fufu sad T-T This drawing is referenced so credits of the picture goes to the original artist. The art process in each step is already merged so this won't be a long blog, hopefully:3

༅Anyways, without further ado, please proceed to the art process ༅

TPL created by Ariella:heartbeat:💓






:black_nib:Faber Castell 48 classic colour pencils

:black_nib:Faber Castell 2B pencil

:black_nib:Unipin 0.5mm

:black_nib:Roller-tip pen 0.7mm


:black_nib:Bond paper

:black_nib:reference pic:

Time allocated:

12 hours(including breaks) Each day, about 6 hours. 1st day sketching, 2nd day outlining and coloring.






I've settled in drawing Mirajane first. I drew a circle and a cross for guide. I don't usually use guide in drawing but I did to make it easier for me to draw. Draw her face a little bit tilted since she's looking sideways. After that, I drew her model like body along with her satan soul outfit.

Next is I drew Mirajane's white silky hair then another circle for guide to draw Erza :eyes:👀 I forgot to take pics of sketching process of Erza tho(;-; rip) so as shown in the process pic, Erza has already been drawn as a whole. You just have to use your eyes and hands to sketch the other parts.

Finished Sketch:


33.33% complete



Outlined the sketch and tracing the lines. Before I outlined it, I had to change a few details in the sketch to make it a little bit more proportional. You have to make sure that your sketch is the output that you wanted before outlining. Fix the things you want to fix before you outline. Let it dry before erasing the pencil marks or else the ink will make a mess.


67% complete



At last, it's time for coloring. First, I started off with their skin. I applied pressure on the places that should be darkened where the shadows will be. I used dark flesh for it. In coloring the skin, you have to keep in mind where you would want the light to come from. After that, I've colored the rest of the skin with light flesh. Then, added little effects with a light magenta color pencil so their skin would have like a pinkish white glow effect :3

I proceeded with Mirajane's clothes. First, I used Wine Red for the darker parts then I used Light Magenta to color the remaining parts and Orchid to smudge it. Dunno why I did that tho.

Tip: don't put too much pressure on coloring or else the paper would rip. It almost happened to meh paper but luckily it didn't ;-;

Woaah I skipped a lot of processes in the next step. Now isn't that just dandy. Smh, i didn't even notice( /.-)

Anyways, let's proceed. There are some things that we just need to learn through our mistakes so let's just let it go pleesss T-T I'll just crop the pic to show it.

I colored the lining of her dress/outfit( or whatever that is) with Gold ochre then with Lemon color pencil. I colored the other part of her dress and I colored the ribbon just like how did with her outfit.

Then, up next is her claw. I used four color pencils for the golden yellowish part, namely Burnt Ochre for the darkest part,then Gold Ochre, Lemon and Zine Yellow for the rest of the part.

For the greenish gray part, I used Grey Green mainly for the whole part, Cool silver grey and Silver for the effects.

For Erza's armor, I used black color pencil since that's the original color of her armor.

Then I used Silver for the darker parts, cool silver grey and Cool light grey for the shiny parts. I colored inside Erza's black wing with Wine Red and then the rest with Light Carmine.

Next up is their hair. For Erza's hair, I used Dark Carmine and colored the rest with Light Germanium Red and Scarlet Light. For Mirajane's hair, I used cool silver grey for the shady parts and then light flesh for effects :3

I colored the rest of the drawing, added some effects and did a little of retouching. I wrote their name and title in the upper left corner then signed it. AND WE'RE DONE!*-*



I hope you liked it and if you have any more questions, ask away m8. I don't bite , I just kill ^^ lol jk. You can also tell me my shortcomings and criticise my art work. Please do so, I need improvement :bow:🙇

Now Imma end the blog now, Ja ne!(^^)/"