Taciturn he is, but all the wiser from it. A true gentleman and a looker by the women, a venerable leader by the men. Steadfast in his beliefs and for those he holds dear, his actions serve as proof that the age of chivalry has not passed, and that it never will, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth. That much can be said about a man whose silence is often more telling than of those around him. He is none other than, The Reticence of the Ten Commandments, Monspiet.



Monspiet has the appearance of a suave and sophisticated Frenchmen. He is depicted with having slicked back dark purple (or sometimes brown) hair, a pencil mustache, and sporting a long hooded white cloak draping from his shoulders all the way down to his ankles. Also, unlike his comrades, his demon mark is oriented towards the right side of his face and has its own unique pattern consisting of three streaks, two of which have an outward inclination. Not only that, but beneath his cloak, dark matter envelopes his entire torso and stretches all the way down to his abdominals. Additonally, he wears skin tight leather pants which are propped up at the waist by his belt and steel leg guards covering everything from his quads to his metatarsals to complete his ensemble.



Monspiet exudes a chivalrous and gallant air about him. He often conducts himself in a dignified manner but not enough to be considered pompous or arrogant which is unlike most other commandments. He also exhibits proper etiquette while conversing and interacting with others and as such this has caused him to be viewed as a sort gentleman by others. It is due this gentlemanly swagger of his that Monspiet detests associating with impertinent people. Furthmore, he is quite taciturn and rarely sparks up conversations with people unless it's to interpret his partners unorthodox way of speaking. On that note, he exhibits a caring personailty when interacting with Derieri and always has her best interests in mind. Aside from that, Monspiet can at times, be nonchalant or even indifferent towards certain things depending on the situation.



Long ago, before the outbreak of the holy war, Monspiet lead a brigade into the heart of the original Fairy King's Forest in an attempt to broker a deal with the goddess clan who at the time were holding civilians of the demon clan (both women and children) captive. However, unbeknownst to Monspiet and his comrades, it was nothing but a trap laid out by the goddesses who in reality, had no intention of brokering an armistice between their two warring clans. Instead, all the captives were ruthlessly slaughtered thus incurring the wrath of the demon clan. As the fighting ensued, Monspiet found himself in the midst of a heated battle between two archangels and although the battles result was inconclusive it was not without a great sacrifice for our chivalrous knight as he lost six of his hearts after activating his indura transformation. Some amount of time would come to pass but since then Monspiet would eventually get sealed away along with the rest of his clan.


Powers, Abilities, & Equipment

Trick Star: Monspiet's primary ability is known as trick star. Currently, it's hard to say exactly what this ability is capable of as we've yet to see it in the manga let alone in an actual battle. At best, I can only hypothesize as to what trick star enables Monspiet to do. One such thought is that assuming trick star were the direct opposite ability to Derieri's combo star, then it may actually allow Monspiet to deal infinitesimally stronger magic based attacks or damage, the more successive attacks he is able to land on his opponent. Alternatively, rather than strengthening his own attacks, it may allow Monspiet to absorb his opponents magic energy and the more attacks he lands, the more of his opponents magic he would be able to absorb and thus use that extra magic power to continue his assault. This woukd be quite fitting as it captures the whole "trick" aspect of his ability. One last idea I had as to what trick star can do was perhaps it enables Monspiet to alter the nature or timing of his attacks to confuse the enemy even afyer he's launched them. This would make it extremely difficult for his opponents to anticipate his attacks and thereby giving Monspiet the advantage of unpredictability. If not, then maybe trick star just grants Monspiet's projectile attacks infinite range or speed and allows it to home in on an opponents location even if they're a moving target. Other than that, I'm not sure what else it could enable.

Purgatory Flame Bird: One of the earliest techniques displayed by Monspiet. It allows him to generate a heat seeking projectile weapon purely from a demon's own purgatory flame (though it may have very well been created from his dark matter/power of darkness as well). This projectile has incredible range, speed, accuracy, and destructive power. It was easily able to destroy a mountain and torch an entire village full of people enroute to it's target. Not only that, but there was a great distance between it and it's target yet, because this attack is backed with incredible speed, it was able to cover this vast distance in mere second sas attested to by Gowther. Furthermore, it will continue to pursue it's target until it connects with them although it can be repelled by abilities such as Full Counter or swallowed whole by creatures like Hawk Mama.

Ash Dragon: While mustering up his reserve magic energy, Monspiet calls forth an incredibly large and powerful flaming projectile weapon aimed at his oppponents. It takes the appearance of a dragon and when fired it leaves a trail of destruction in its wake. Admittedly, this technique seems to be an upgraded version of his purgatory flame bird but on a higher magnitude.

Sensory Perception: As one of Monspiet's more passive skills, it allows the user to detect magical energies even from afar. When honed to it utmost limit it can grant the user it can even be used to pin point the exact location of a person from hundreds of miles away. A foremost example of this ability was shown when Monspiet detected Melidoas and company from all the way in Edinburgh.

Soul Extraction: Like the other Ten Commandments, Monspiet possesses the ability to extract another persons soul and devour it order to recuperate his lost magic power.

Power of Darkness: Like all other demons, Monspiet exhibits the ability to manipulate dark matter and bend it to his will in order to employ various techniques. It allows him to create projectile weapons, enables high speed regeneration, and even grants it's user flight capabilities.

Indura: A forbidden transformation brought about by conducting a demonic ritual of sacrificing six of the seven hearts of an elite demon and by invoking the incarnation of darkness itself, the Indura transformation reverts an elite demon back into their primal or primordial state. As a result, their power increases drastically but in exchange, and as an obvious drawback, the user loses their ability to reason. They leave a trail of death and destruction in their wake until their life comes to an end. For Monspiet's Indura form, some of his features seems to resemble an octopus or squid as he has numerous extra appendages and eyes. He can shoot out his arms omnidirectionally, hitting multiple targets and blowing them up in the process.

Reticence: As with all the TC, Monspiet was bequeathed with a decree of his own and the oje he was given was Reticence. A more fitting decree couldn't have been given to such a character as Monspiet. It embodies what he is, really. The word itself means to not reveal one's true feelings or thoughts so readily. It's pretty much synonymous with taciturn, silent, and reserved among other words which is perfect for Monspiet since he rarely seems to talk and even when be does he keeps his dialogue short and to the point. Anyways, not much is really known about it - neither its trigger nor its effect - but if I had to guess which actual commandment reticence is based on, I'd say it takes from the commandment, "Thou shalt not take thy lord's name in vain."



Derieri: Although some may say they have a romantic relationship while others may say their relationship is more platonic in nature what remains true irrespective of the exact nature of their relationship is that Monspiet deeply cares for her well being. Often scolding her for her recklessness but still willing to do whatever it takes to aid her, Monspiet always puts himself in harm's way and embraces Derieri when faced with dangerous and bleak situations.

Ten Commandments: As an elite even among the Ten Commandments, it's fair to say that the other commandments respect Monspiet and look to him as a leader during Zeldris' absence. Some of them, like Fraudrin, have even referred to him as lord or master Monspiet when addressing him and even the fodder demons will obey his orders when commanded.



In closing, I believe Monspiet can best be summed up by the famous proverb, "He who knows, does not speak. He who speaks, does not know." Whether his inclination for silence is a result of his decree or a choice made of his own volition, one thing is certain and that's that he is among the most gallant of men.


With that being said, this is Ban signing off! Deuces :v:

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