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There is no black vs. white

There is no republican vs. democrat

There is no gay vs. straight

There is no atheist vs. fanatic

There is no rich vs. poor

There is no left vs. right

There is only US against them

The LABELS with which we identify ourselves and others only keep us divided and fighting each other instead of fighting back

Check out our second family, Undying Legends

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5 days ago 0

Don't hagg me plox :((

21 days ago 0

Are you guys dead wth.

July 02 0

Your name scared me tbh XD

Hi, I was wondering if you could help me improve my reviews and teach me a couple things you know. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks

Wow. 0:

Out of curiosity, when will the results of the crossover challenge be announced? Thank you.

April 14 1

★ Wow~ I must really explore in AA a bit more. But, are you guys on a break or something?

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April 14 1

Reply to: √kari:tm:

★ I understand~ it's really awesome. Oh by the way, why don't you guys just recruit members for more cool Anony activities?

April 14 0

Reply to: ||• Shena-kun •||

I already made an recruitment blog just now, here


March 21 1

I hope that you're having a wonderful day! :purple_heart:💜

Same goes to you.^^:purple_heart:💜

Anon wat FC colored pencil set did you buy and picture it pls

Please state which artist. This is a group so there are different people who do diff blogs

Can I be your friend and I love your drawings your better than me and I'm jealous of your drawing skills too

02/21/17 1

Lmao. Never met a weeabo anon. Plus anon amino is "aa" along with anime amino being "aa"

02/22/17 0


BOOOO!!! U GUYS ARE FAKE AND GEY!!!:kissing:😗:kissing:😗:sparkles::ok_hand:👌

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Reply to: The Anonymous of AA

Ahh i c i c, well, ty for helping out.

Reply to: :black_circle:銀GíղYɑƙshɑ夜叉:white_circle:

Thank you for stopping by^^

01/26/17 1

Are you still recruiting?

01/26/17 0


01/16/17 1

Big fan of anonymous and everything they do!

Thank you, I hope you support us until the end:blush:😊

12/17/16 4

This sounds interesting what exactly would you do? Is there like a artist request section coming? (Im a buddy of Widheim Im also apart of the official art group AA Art Jammers).

Pm wid, he is a art sensei of anonymous group and he will interview you so you can join

12/13/16 0

I like what your posting I am interested keep up the great work:thumbsup::+1:👍:grin:😁could you support me a follow won't cost much

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Thanks for the follow bro hope we can be chill

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Thanks for following me. This is my favorite anime

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Ever aspire to be a writer? Join my colleagues to develop the skills needed to reach for the big leagues here.

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