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Hey guys! I'm Izumi but you can call me Andrew. Im 16 years old, and I'm from Lebanon. Ive been playing piano since the age of 3 and now teach it professionally. I'm also a photographer, author, poet, and Otaku! I'm here to make new friends and I'm always here to chat! I occasionally make piano covers of anime OPs too. Hit me up, if you want to.

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Ma little sis


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Little Piano bro!

Ma fav pianist on AA

Ms. Bigshot

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Hey thanks for the comment. I would respond to her but she blocked me for some strange reason

It's fine, she's done this on most of my posts and my friend's. You should just delete her comments. She's an utter retard who gets jealous easily


Hi, I am sorry for the way i acted while commenting on Shay's profile and on her video blogs, It's just a lot of people on here are dealing with the situation that when they want to post videos all they see is the link and not the actual picture or the name of that video and i often felt confused how you were able to post her videos successfully without having to deal with just a link showing up but I know it seems rather if you could that I'm jelous, but I'm not and i was hoping that you can forgive me and yes i already apologize to her so it's okay.

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Hi.. are you able to do Vocaloid piano covers?

Beautiful piano. Loved several of your covers though.

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Yooooooo I love your covers. You're pretty good!

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Reply to: Cute Pets


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whaaaatttt did I do????

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Hey Join this amino beautiful boy http://aminoapps.com/c/the-earth and on that amino my name is humair (Levi)

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Oi human 🖖:space_invader:👾 thxs for the follow

~Here's some onigiri for u to enjoy~

The pleasure was mine :joy:😂

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Thank you so much for following me fella :smile_cat:😸I really appreciate it:smiley_cat:😺:heart:Hope u have a good day:v:and a nice week:smirk_cat:😼:two_hearts:💕An awesome life in general :joy_cat:😹:sparkling_heart:💖.... Here, have some chocolate :chocolate_bar:🍫:revolving_hearts:💞

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Thank youuu :heart_eyes:😍 (for the chocolate).....(and for the nice comment) 🤣🤣🤣:heart::heart::heart:

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Lmao ...My pleasure :smile_cat:😸

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