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Here is the thing you need to understand about criticism. Anime is an artistic medium. Every anime ever released isthe result of a group of people, a creative process and some degree of emotional investment by the creators. As a result harsh critics often are regarded as cruel, cynical, and petty narcissists. However, its also an industry. Industries number one goal to make money. Like any other industry if not held accountable they will produce shit. Harsh criticism is the only way to hold them accountable. If you are a critic in any capacity you have an obligation to demand quality and innovation. Art never moved forward without criticism, so give your local angry internet man a hug. Critics are the real heroes.

This doesn’t apply to me tho.

I just hate things loudly.

I find the idea of self expression is very important. In the end regardless of whether you are critical or lenient, it’s important not to let people tell you your perspective isn’t worthy.


Sup, M’name’s Sarcasm and you can’t prove otherwise. Y'all came here to make friends and find anime. I came here to tell you, yes you specifically, how much you, yes you specifically, absolutely suck.

“Eat a dick” -Ghandi

You want reccs? I got reccs for days.


Black Lagoon



Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

Kill La Kill




Black Lagoon



Nichijou: My Ordinary Life

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun

Sietokai no Ichizon

Kawaii Complex

Sakurasou no Pet Kanojo

“What? You think you hot shit now?” RECCS

Black Lagoon


Stiens Gate

Death Parade

Arakawa Under the Bridge

Cromartie Highschool

School Rumble



Darker Than Black

Samurai Champloo


Natsume Yuujinchou


Black Lagoon


Kuuchuu Buranko

Haibane Renmei

Kino No Tabi


Mitchiko e Hatchin

Wolfs Rain

Kemono Souja erin

“Hurr durr, why isn’t NGE on this list”

Mostly cuz I hate you in particular.

“Hurr durr, why is Jormungand and Black Lagoon in every tier?”

Mostly cuz everyone should watch Jormungand and Black Lagoon.

So what are my blogs about? Mostly they are reviews. I think it is extremely important that one does not confuse a rant with a negative review. A rant is where I pic something an anime does, and explain why it is a part of a larger, negative trend in anime as a whole. A negative review is when I saw and anime and it was shit. People often accuse my reviews of being rants. They are not. I do make rants, but mostly I just tend to be a tad crude. I swear a lot in my reviews, call things garbage, call individuals sexual decency into question, and compare things to dead hookers. Suck it up you big baby.

Favorite anime:

Black Lagoon

Natsume Yuujinchou

Kino No Tabi


Kemono No Souja Erin

I am in an eternal quest to find another good seinen action anime. Ever since Jormungand came out in 2011, anime abandoned the path of the good shooty-shooty-gun-gun anime and has consequentially, never made a good seeing action anime since. If you know one you think I would like and haven’t seen, please mention this to me. You probably haven’t. Feel free to try tho.

The bestest of all the peeps Jade

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8 days ago 0

Featherist monster

8 days ago 0

Why your name is my personality xD ?

8 days ago 0

Reply to: KanadeSong

I legitimately hate you

11 days ago 0


11 days ago 0

Sarcasm plus anime?

why chu steall my style?

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11 days ago 0

Reply to: sean revehorn

There is only one way to settle this

Trial by combat

11 days ago 0

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24 days ago 0

Why your name is my personality xD ?

August 17 0

Hey, Rain:)

August 17 0

Hello dan

27 days ago 0

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I love you the mostest tho

August 16 0

Stop it I'm blushing

August 03 0

aye homie,

it’s me, nick

Shoot me with a message whenever you’re available.

it’s been too long, got a lot to catch up on.


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Reply to: Sarcasm+anime

Lol, that was a late response

7 days ago 0

Reply to: spoogyknowsbest

Ik I'm sorry

July 18 0
July 18 0


H-hi <[•~|

I couldn't help but notice you have Mitchiko to Hatchin in your favorites and I couldn't resist but making mention of how sexy that is :kissing_smiling_eyes:😙

July 16 0

I am super sexy. Won't deny.

July 14 0

I hope you get stuffed in a locker, nerd! >:O

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July 14 0

Reply to: Sarcasm+Anime

I don't want to impede on your mother's business.

July 14 0

Reply to: Rip

Don't worry, nobody would actually pay you for that.

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July 14 0

We need u

July 14 0

Reply to: Anne Frankling 3000

No we don't

July 07 0


July 07 0

Yo hoodies better for real

July 07 0

Reply to: Sarcasm+Anime

*triggered af*

Love you dude

June 28 0

Eat a dick

🖤:rose:🌹🖤:rose:🌹 the most gothest

June 25 0

So very very goth

June 25 0

We are darkness in our souls

Look! It's the shikon jewel :joy:😂

My favourite AA user!

June 17 0

Stop I'm blushing......

But I am p great

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June 11 0

Fine fine i'll notice you now :disappointed_relieved:😥

June 11 0

The fuck is a Deiji?

June 09 0

Saw this pic and thought you might like it

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June 09 0

Reply to: (Rip)

Yes. Is gud.

June 09 0

Reply to: Sarcasm+Anime

Ok. Cool.

you get ragdolled by big black trannies

June 07 0

Ride that doggy doog ride it good :neutral_face:😐:ok_hand:👌

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June 08 0

Reply to: :spades:Ace:spades:

Who are you?

June 08 0

Reply to: Sarcasm+Anime

I am ace, can't u read?

I like your stuff man ;)

June 01 0

I like your face ;)

Best irl experience



You're on AA?

May 21 0

I love you

Thank you

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Reply to: Sarcasm+Anime

But you wrote this like two year ago or something

Reply to: Levobertus

Yeah I did

May 03 0

A grill named KanadeThong died today at 4:20 PM because 8man told her to kill herself. Send this message to 69 other people or she'll come back and KILL LA KILL YOU. A faglord named Lethal said "fuck this chain mail im go watch terror in resonant" and did not send to 69 people. A bomb explod in his home and he deded. A jumpy sent to 69 people and got a lazypussy. Send to 69 people now!

Oh shit


April 23 0

Well I just saw the first 10 seconds of this video

last place I expected anything to mention you


April 13 0

Ngl some of the later stuff got me

April 07 0

Follow me back u fuck

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April 07 0

Reply to: Sarcasm+Anime

All those hippos ain't posting anything either

April 07 0

Reply to: Helios

You compare yourself to the grape hippo rights movement? O the hubris

Just lurking and peeping your page. Some kewl stuff.

April 05 0


April 05 0

Shit it's on your bio

April 05 1

It is on my bio

March 30 0

G'day niggy

March 30 0


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March 30 0

Reply to: Sarcasm+Anime

Did he really said that lmao!? Well, that's true tho:joy:😂

March 30 1

Reply to: FuzzLord :3

No he didn't say that lol. But yeah excited about that. Re: Creators looks like ass tho.

March 28 0

Shit here

March 28 0

What a shitty comment

March 23 1

sarcasm the type of nigga to comment on his own wall

03/17/17 0

Deadly serious

03/13/17 0

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03/14/17 1

Thank you for the anime razzie thingy link. Have an apple. 

03/15/17 0

This almost makes me pity you...

03/06/17 1

You the type of nigga to break the chains of the proletariat without passing the means of distribution

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03/06/17 0

Reply to: Sarcasm+Anime

U that type o nigga

03/06/17 0

Reply to: ˊˇˋ KanadeSong ˊˇˋ

My steadfast commitment to #GloriousRevolution is second to none. I fight for all those struggling under the heel of our oppressors. You dare doubt my conviction? I spit upon you.

03/03/17 0

Here's the pics

03/03/17 0

Wow it does look nice

03/05/17 0

Reply to: Sarcasm+Anime

Yepp especially places close to the coast

02/15/17 1

Revy's original character designs. Happy Valentine's Day Sarcasm :)

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02/16/17 0

Reply to: Sarcasm+Anime

You deserve it Sarcasm!

02/16/17 1

Reply to: Jay

Really....really I don't....I'm tearing up a little


02/14/17 0

I shall treasure this forever you fucking pig

Reply to: Sarcasm+Anime

Such a tsun. Adorbs<3

02/12/17 1

Dum dum

02/12/17 0


02/10/17 0

R u a pervert

02/11/17 1


02/05/17 0

You ougay?

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02/06/17 0

Reply to: Sarcasm+Anime

For you, yeah.

02/06/17 0

Reply to: Aki


01/20/17 0

Deadly serious

01/20/17 0

Good to know

01/20/17 0

Deadly serious