Bonjour♪Sweet Love Patisserie



Hello Hello Everyone ^-^ its Loren with my first anime review on an anime named Bojour Sweet Love Patisserie. I wonder if any of you know this anime. Its not really popular so the majority of people reading this probably dont know it ^^; yeah its underrated XD but I enjoyed it and wanted to review it soo bad :persevere:😣 anyway enough chit-chat and lets start and please beware of Spoilers!

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General Information


Bonjour♪Sweet Love Patisserie (English)

Bonjour♪恋味パティスリー (Japanese)




Finished Airing


Silver Link, Connect


Slice of Life, Comedy, Harem, Romance, Shoujo


5 minutes per episode


Teens 13 or Older



Sayuri Haruno dreams of becoming a pastry chef and enrolls in Fleurir Confectionary Academy, an elite school located in Tokyo's trendy Aoyama district. At Fleurir, she finds herself surrounded by charming boys, each one distinctly unique. Out of the entire class, Ryou Kouzuki's desire to become a pastry chef is the strongest. Blessed with unparalleled technique, instructor Mitsuki Aoi acts like a prince and is hugely popular at the school. Gilbert Hanafusa, the mood maker of the bunch, is a student from France. Yoshinosuke Suzumi is not very good at expressing his feelings, but underneath his stony exterior lies a wholehearted passion forwagashi (Japanese sweets). As Sayuri pours her heart and soul into making her dream a reality, she encounters many happenings...

Thoughts on Plot / Events in the Anime

Well the plot appeared so boring the first time I read the synopsis. But it didnt turn out that bad once I was actually watching the anime. At least the plot is kind of diffrent then other Shoujo and Romance anime (that I know so far lol) but it has this one cliche that I hate. Its basically when the MC gets a bunch of guys/girls that he/she can choose from, since they all obviously like the MC. Yeah this cliche is part of the plot. So I dont really like it because it makes the plot seem a bit unrealistic to me but I gotta say that the comedy and characters definetly made up for it. I absolutely love some nice comedy especially in Shoujo anime! Comedy and Shoujo are basically the only genres I like in this anime. Simply because i dont really think that there wad much Romance in the anime, yknow. I mean sure Sayuri and Ryou went on a date, Sayuri was there for him when he was hospitalised and they almost kissed but in my opinion thats it. That was the only romance they had in the anime.


The Characters

I dont really like all the characters mainly because in my opinion the only characters in the spotlight were Sayuri and Ryou. So since those two were the ones that got the most spotlight and since the story mainly focuses on them I feel more attached to them and not the other characters. Accept for Sayuri's friend Ran.

Yeah in my opinion the anime didnt do so well with characters. Not just because Ryou and Sayuri were mainly in the spotlight but also because there arent many characters. I mean the only ones that were in the anime were Sayuri, Ryou, Mitsuki, Gilbert, Yoshinosuki, Ran and that girl that bullies Sayuri for no reason at all. In total thats 7 characters. You know in my opinion a Romance anime needs a lot of characters. Like maybe 11 to make more romance and drama. But the character designs were good because they looked so diffrent then the usual anime characters we see in other anime. But hey thats my opinion and im not a professional XD Anyway lemme introduce you to the characters of Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie! *drum roll*

Sayuri Haruno

Sayuri Haruno, the main protagonist of the Anime, is a really kind, sweet and quiet girl. She pretty shy when it comes to love but is rarely embaressed. I get the empression that she can make great friends pretty quickly since she and Ran became friends in the first episode. She not really the type of girl to get really excited whenever she she sees extremely hot guys at thr beach. The headmaster usually misunderstands Sayuri's relationships with the Instructors and because of that she scolds her. I get the impression that Tsubaki Sannomiya seems to kind of dislike Sayuri because she always insults her and tries to bring her down, but Sayuri always has Ran on her side that stands up for her. Though it Tsubaki did support Sayuri for the Cooking Finals so she probably deslikes Sayuri because she feels something for Mitsuki Aoi.


Ryou Kouzuki

If I watched this animu when I was a newbie to the anime community then I would probably wouldve had bad first impressions about Ryou since I think he's pretty rude But since I watched the anime when I was a weeb I didnt really think anything bad about Ryou since most male characters are just like that. He's challenging and doesnt appear to be afraid of anything or anyone. He's also skilled when it comes to sports and making desserts, no wonder he's one of the instructors at Fleurir Confectionary Academy. Its also pretty obvious he has feelings for Sayuri. Whenever he sees her with another guy he gets jealous and silent. Tbh i cant tell if hes mad or upset because he stays quiet XD ill go ahead and assume hes mad lol


Mitsuki Aoi

Another pro at making sweets and desserts but his main specialty is chocolate *^* in my opinion, Mitsuki and Ryou are so similar. Theyre main personalities part them but theyre abilities and taste are what makes them similar. Just like Ryou he loves challenge and doesnt walk away from them. I also think theyre similar because I feel like he has feelings for Sayuri though Ryou feelings are probably stronger. Though unlike Ryou he not rude but nice and sweet. He really gives of this prince vibe *^* hm i really like him just like i like Ryou *^*


Yoshinosuke Suzumi

Yoshino is a really silent guy. He doesnt really talk but that doesnt mean he doesnt laugh or doesnt have fun. Eh he has fun but usually around his friends and just like them hes good when it comes to challenges and sports. He is pretty strict when it comes to doing important work and unlike Ryou and Mitsuki he probably doesnt have any feelings for Sayuri at all. Because he's engaged (if i remember correctly, i saw the anime a long time ago). And his specialty is making sweets *^*


Gillbert Hanafusa

Personally I think that Gillbert and Ran are probably the only ecstatic characters in the anime. Mainly because those two made me laugh the most. Anyway so Gillbert is a pretty cheerful person. He came from France just to atend Fleurir. Since he's from France he gets fascinated easily since everything is new to him.


Artstyle and Animation

(Sorry if im bad at doing the Animation & Artstyle and Music part. This is my first Anime Review so please bare with me ^^;)

I can say that i definetly liked the artstyle. Mainly because its diffrent then all other anime. But also because it makes things more cuter, if that makes any sense ^^; i also liked all the scenes where the instructors are getting ready to cook and the way the got ready which kind of showed us their personality but what I didnt like was the background in those scenes because they were all simply one color with some bubbles (an example are those gifs above this paragraph!) But i gotta say i definetly liked the way the univerity (or highschool im a dumbass so i might be mistaken) looked *^* its diffrent then what most schools in Japan look like. Look like a school from the US tbh XD or maybe French 🤔 i wouldnt know because ive never been to those placed lmao. Anyway everything in the anime just looked so cute and beautiful *^*



The Opening

Bonjour Koiaji Patisserie Opening Lyrics

I absolutely loved the opening so much! It was so dem catchy >~< and it introduced us to all the characters and their personalities too >~< its definetly the kind of opening a romance anime would have! You know, slow and really beautiful and catchy. Im guessing it was catchy for me since it has good beats and tunes ^-^ Like the opening from Wolf Girl and Black Prince. Well that opening was catchy for me at least. Too bad it was short though. But i guess i understand since every episode was only 5 minutes. And yeah you cant have an anime opening of 1 or 2 minutes if the episode is inly 5 minutes bc that gives chu less time for the plot "(

Bonjour Koiaji Patisserie Ending
Bonjour♪Koiaji Pâtisserie Ending 2

The two endings were both masterpieces just like the opening! Though i will admit i was upset when they changed the first ending theme mainly because i really liked it. The pace of the first ending theme was kind of fast and it really suited Ryou and Mitsuki. I really liked it bc of that and the guitar sounds *^* And then the second opening was slow paced but had a good rythm and suited Yoshinosuke and Gillbert. But i still prefer the first opening *^* Also just wondering which guy you prefer? Ryou or Mitsuki? Ryou for me 100% sure ^-^



Hm despite the fact that the anime is missing some stuff such as lack of characters and time i personaly stills thunk its a good anime ^-^ it managed to get me laugh every single episode and i always got excited to see the anime and the characters! I know i said it probably missed some romance but the anime still always got me wondering what would happen to Sayuri and Ryou. Also sorry if this part is repetitive ^^;

(Saved this opinion for the last part lol) i also liked these little Maro thingies *^*

Theyre so cute and they can also express the characters feelings! Well Sayuri's anyways ^^; but i will admit that they were creept af in that Maro nightmare she had! And the music *grunts* just soo gud *^* i loved the OST's and the openings and endings *^*

Anyway i hope you liked mah blogo *^* its my first animw review so it wouldnt surprise me if it was bad ^^; hopefully itll get featuredu *^* thanks fro reading!! :sparkling_heart:💖