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"being thrown away by humans, devoted to them even though you aren't one of them... and once they are finished with you, they have you end your life yourself... and not even an ounce of gratitude for all that. On the contrary: for your whole life you are hated and reviled. It really is idiotic. We are a different species after all. Once you start seeing things that way, it all becomes very easy to accept. Do humans shed tears for the birds, pigs, cows and sheep that become their food? Of course they don't. They are a different species after all. That is nature. That is the truth. That is Providence. Your way of thinking up to now was the warped one."

- Riful Of The West



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So attention readers!

This anime/manga DOES INCLUDE GORE. If you're a person who can't stomach blood and violence then I suggest not reading/watching this. This anime/manga also includes a tiny bit of nudity, but it's not ecchi or anything close to that. So watch/read at on risk. If you love gore and blood then I think Claymore is perfect for you!

I also would like to mention that this is my all time favourite anime & manga so I definitely highly recommend trying it out. Since it is, I also wish to not spoil things for some readers so if I don't add a particular something then understand why. Another thing is that this MY OPINION BASED. I don't want any "your wrong" because it's my opinion. Doesn't mean I'm asking anyone to agree either tho ^^

Thank you!

Status : Completed

Author : Norihiro Yagi

Original Run : May 2001 - December 4, 2014 (Manga)

Original Run : April 3, 2007 - September 2007 (Anime)

Episodes : 26

Volumes : 27

Genre : Thiller, Fantasy, action,


Far away on an medieval island, humans are surrounded by these creatures they call, "Yoma". Yoma are disguised among the people and are hidden. They pretend to be human and fit into human society until it's ready to eat. Human flesh that is. An organization carries out a project of hybrids to slay the Yoma, Claymores.

Claymores are half human half Yoma and there are 47 of them in total. Each and every one of them has a rank, from rank 1 to rank 47, the lowest. This story evolves around a claymore named Clare. Clare is the lowest claymore. Clare has one goal in mind though. Revenge. On that one horned awaken being.


Pros, pros, pros. Honestly so much pros. The animation is pretty good! The way their hair sways or the way they transform it's hella nice to watch and look at and an older anime with good animation is not something we see everyday.

Their voices in the English dub sounds almost alike! When I watched the dub I was pretty surprised on how good it was, probably the best dub I've ever seen. It was extremely spot on.

The fight scenes are incredible to watch. Especially when their eyes change, you know something badass gonna happen.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I love watching the fight scenes and honestly one of the main reason why I even watched claymore in the first place. It's clear to understand what's going on in the fight and it's satisfying when they slay something and blood starts squirting everywhere xD

I also loved the sound effects the anime had. For example when two claymore swords hit, when their eyes changed or when they walk and their armour makes those clanking noises. cx

Opening and ending songs! I love the opening and ending :heart:

I love the music in claymore. Even the background music was good, it's been years and I still remember how amazing the opening song is. Like just listen.  


Claymore Opening and Ending HD

To be honest, the anime up to where it stopped in the manga were about the same. (Ofc until the ending part since the manga was still ongoing) it may had taken some scenes out of the manga but overall was about the same and I'm glad they did that.


First of all the ending of the anime got me pissed :joy:😂

It wasn't the same as the manga and what happened was confusing and didn't make sense. Even though they were trying to wrap up the anime to end it, it just doesn't fit in every well. The ending was weird. And not to mention Raki was still annoying even at the very end. No change of character whatsoever. They made Clare way stronger than she really was and they didn't even try to stop Priscilla. Like what about Priscilla man?? What she gon do now? Kill more? Like fuck you Raki :joy:😂:joy:😂

Some things were confusing and weren't too well explained like it was in the manga. It left little parts unexplained and that's probably because the manga wasn't finished at that time but I thought that they should at least make it a tiny bit clearer.

Other than a couple of little scenes cut out from the manga or the messed up ending I think it didn't have too many cons. ^^


What can I say? The manga is always great since it shows the whole full story. It's basically the same but book form and once again, I adore. :heart:

The manga definitely has more character development and wasn't as rushed as the anime. This time you really see Clare getting better and Raki being less and less of a bitch.

The ending where the anime left off was much, much better for me and made much more sense.

For me, the manga gets even better once you know what happens after the whole war in the north. Like literally a whole new story and adventure happens. It gets even more exciting and it made me more hyped. Lol

You see more of the characters and get to know them more! You learn more about Miria, Helen, Deneve, Tabitha, Cynthia and Clare. Which is something you wouldn't be able to in the anime. Wasn't even them either, you also learn more about the organization and about the past and current awaken beings. Not to mention new characters too! :D

Not gonna lie I ended up liking Priscilla a bit more when I read the manga. You learn more about her and end up feeling bad for it but I still ain't forgiving her. *^*

The ending was so good. Made me cry so badly :sob:😭

Plus you see more of waifu Teresa

(͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖):ok_hand:👌


Not gonna lie some scenes and parts were boring to read. Maybe it was because we couldn't really see what's exactly going on in the fights because it wasn't animated or maybe because they added useless or unnecessary things in the manga dunno ƪ(‾ε‾“)ʃ

The way the organization advanced was weird. I don't want to talk much about it because of spoilers but the new claymores seem way stronger and are like fairies xD (idek how to to describe it)

I felt like they should've showed how tf and wtf happened there lmao.

They should've explained Clare's transformation at the end more better because I was confused af at what happened there. Though, I liked the ending it confused me cx


Both Anime and Manga were fantastic!

They were alike and followed through the story. Again it will always be my favourite, but if I had to choose between reading the manga or watching the anime it'd be :


Yes anime, reason why I choose that was because I found it so entertaining to watch and since it was basically the same as the manga, I'd rather watch. Though, if were talking about further on story and other development, then I say Manga. What happened after the war of the north was realllyyyy good and why I liked the manga soooooo much. The ending in the manga was definitely better though!

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