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3 days ago 0

Everyone please note that you will be moving into a new group chat for AAU . I'm going hiatus and sick so I will not be able to handle AAU . Karma / Nori will be the new Leader so someone please volunteer to create a group chat and eveyone please follow the organization who is making the group chat . Thank you .

3 days ago 1

Yep, so could you kindly follow me Kawaii?

16 days ago 0

It doesn't matter at this point now.

Have we ever talked? We seem to be following eachother but i don't even vaguely remember you

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Reply to: The Kawai{i}llustrator [Revamped]

Oh right. You're Ivan

19 days ago 0

Reply to: Dolly

._. Glad you remember me :3

21 days ago 1

I think I have forgotten how to breathe

21 days ago 1

._. Did I do something wrong?

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30 days ago 0


30 days ago 0

Uh hi?

30 days ago 0

Reply to: Kawai{i}chu [Free-Fly]

Nice to meet you:sweat_smile:😅:sweat_smile:😅:grin:😁

Ur a Pikachu as well? ;~;

August 16 1

Lmao :joy:😂 Dark Hood jebaited me

August 13 1

#DifferentGenre results are out. Continue participating in future challenges no matter what! Keep going strong:ok_hand:👌

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August 13 0

Reply to: The Kawai{i}llustrator [Free Fly]


August 15 0

Reply to: T̈r̈Ap:tm:(Dead)

Well I am participating in the next challenge :3

I shall claim this wall *^*

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August 03 0

Reply to: Kuruˢᴴᴵᴷᵁ

Out of curiosity r u interested in blogging for a group? :joy:😂http://aminoapps.com/p/amsrb8

Pm tho

I like your pfp :eyes:👀

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Reply to: sUGAR [ Half ded ]

Well I liked Kamui he's bad ass in Twin Star Exorcists. RIP screen time doe :joy:😂

Reply to: The Kawai{i}llustrator [Hiatus]

Rip my late reply ;;;

And yea same here! Honestly he needed more screentime

The kawai (i)l"lust"rator ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

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June 17 0

Reply to: The Alexithymic Pianist

Oh I'll try it then

Reply to: Mairin


June 09 2



May 19 2

How are u not lv15? lol

Good blogs :thumbsup::+1:👍

Haha because I joined 1 year before everyone let's just say I wasn't so hyped for anime for 2016. But thanks mate :thumbsup::+1:👍!

May 18 0

Thanks for following

Heh np dude artist follows artists ^^

I really love your art works!! :o

Thanks for the overall support <3 I am still learning and improving haha. I'm doing an AOT fan art soon so look out for that ^^

Reply to: The Kawai{i}llustrator

Of course! Keep on practicing you really have talent in my eyes >< I'll surely do!! >3<

May 05 1

I'm started to watch Kimi no na wa and it's amazing. Thank you for posting about it other wise I may have never seen it :grinning:😀

Np ^^ I hope to deliver and share more content for everyone

April 26 0

Thanks for the follow and likes. :smiley:😃

Hey no probs :3 I can see the hard work u put into yr reviews and impressions

April 26 0

Reply to: The Kawai{i}llustrator

Thank you! :laughing::satisfied:😆