Short Bio

.....In my life,I've lived

      I've loved,I've lost

                            I've missed,I've hurt

I've trusted,I've made mistakes

                                       But most of all

I've learned......

...I like people

         Who don't need ............Everyone

To like them...

....Difficult roads often

                                  Lead to

                     "Beautiful destination".....

....silly me

           Expecting too much from

People again....

.....Promises are


                     Sweetest "lies".....

                ......Nothing lasts Forever,


                               is a lie......

.....I keep quiet......

   .....I don't say much.....

.....I watch and learn......

....The meaning of


Is to find your


.....Those who stands by your darkest time,

is your "true friend"......

.....Don't judge people by their outer


there lies many truths......

.....I would prefer leading a lonesome life,


Than having "selfish friends".....

.....I am scared to love


It takes a heavy toll in your heart :heart:

Which makes it more unbearable

To live in this cruel world.....

......"Love" is cruel,

  "Life" is cruel

which one is the most cruel?.....

.....My "curses" are special

It's a method to show my love upon them

.....Consider yourself "lucky".....


"I curse those who are very dear to me......"

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21 hours ago 1

It's good to see you finally all cheered up and happy, keep it up :triumph:😤

21 hours ago 2

Ayee reina :laughing::satisfied:😆:triumph:😤

21 hours ago 1

Cutie :3

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21 hours ago 1

Reply to: Mïкαท

^cutie replying ;3

21 hours ago 1

Reply to: r e i n a ⋆

^cuteness overload <3

Thinking about you! :two_hearts:💕

18 days ago 0

You are beautiful just like your artwork *^*/

Also don't be sad

Continue to live

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18 days ago 0

Reply to: life is over:sob:😭


18 days ago 0

Reply to: 「Kurumi」

I will try :')

18 days ago 0

Nuuuuu live is still continuing :(((

18 days ago 0

My life is over ;-;;;;.......i am dead!!! I can't live anymore :sob:😭:sob:😭

Mika :two_hearts:💕

22 days ago 1


26 days ago 1

Get better soon ;^;:two_hearts:💕

26 days ago 1

I will,thank u ;-; :revolving_hearts:💞

26 days ago 1

My Kouhai. :two_hearts:💕:revolving_hearts:💞

26 days ago 2

:arrow_up:my senpai!!≥///≤:revolving_hearts:💞:revolving_hearts:💞

Your bio...


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Reply to: ミカン

Why not renew it?

August 18 0

Reply to: Fuzzichu-Senpai (Busy)

I don't have anything to write beside that

August 18 0

100 year old woman

Hey girl

I'm not flirting

August 18 0

Even if u want,u can't flirt with a100 year old woman :older_woman:👵 i have lived many centuries

Ur a Pikachu too?

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Reply to: Mïкαchบ [Gone]

Visiting a friend isn't stalking

August 16 1

Reply to: ßalance is a Lie

Ok,ok you are welcome as a friend

August 14 0

Salt or whatever...you are halilously brave to comment that on my wall!

People AIA don't dare to make her angry...she is not a good person when she gets angry...I have 100 years experience in this..talking with my experience

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August 15 0

Reply to: Guilty Alice

Without living 1000 years,i am soo much old :scream:😱

August 15 0

Reply to: Mïкαท [Gone]


August 10 0

Salty Mikan :smirk:😏

August 10 0

Without salt,food is tasteless :smirk:😏

So i am just here to enhance the saltiness

Kaori is true angel

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Reply to: Mïкαท

She's not the angel of death and I'll stay here unless you block me

August 01 0

Reply to: ßalance is a Lie

Fine then.suit by me

July 29 0

Just stalking

Don't mind me :relaxed::icecream:🍦

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July 29 0

Reply to: Mïкαท

Your welcome

Have fun

July 29 0

Reply to: 「Eru」

Already eating them :kissing_smiling_eyes:😙

July 14 0

I'm sorry for the spam, but I am in love with your artwork!

July 14 1

Lol don't worry!! Actually i feel great tht u r in love with my art :laughing::satisfied:😆

Hello new friend I have gift for you it's my artwork :blush:😊I hope you like it

July 14 0

I love them

Reply to: Mïкαท

Welcome :blush:😊

July 12 0

I like your drawings! They are so good!! ^^

July 13 1

Thank you very much!!^^

July 14 0

Reply to: Mïкαท

Ur welcome! ;)

July 11 0

Interested in joining my drawing amino?

How long have u been drawing? Cuz ur shading is amazing,I've been drawing for years and my shading,is,well....still working out the kinks

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Reply to: Mïкαท [Depression]


July 11 0

Reply to: ♪°вlaĸe°♪

Just practice

July 11 0

We are in july and u have exam?

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July 12 0

Reply to: Mimy[not inspire ]:black_nib::thought_balloon:💭


July 12 0

Répondre à: Mïкαท


July 08 0

Welcome to SW. I hope you enjoy!!

July 08 1

Thank you

Haiiu~ (っ◔◡◔)っ :hearts: :cherry_blossom:🌸

I'm a weird unknown creature who has recognised your undeniable lit personality (≖͠ ͜ʖ≖):ok_hand:👌 now child


question my logic or else

(ᕗ ಠ︡益︠ಠ︠)ᕗ︵ ┻┻

That's right you get the table flip





I'm sorry I'm too awkward

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June 06 0

Reply to: ☽мαмιツ☾

Sorry, don't knw

Reply to: Mïкαท

I cri :,(

To my mind, you are so cool artist))))

Continue to creat such amazing and incredible works:333:blush:😊:grinning:😀

June 05 1

Glad you Like my drawings :smiley:😃

Reply to: Mïкαท

Yeees))) you are awesome artist:3:blush:😊:grinning:😀:wink:😉

June 02 0

Umm hello, want to be friends? :>

Nice bio thought:joy:😂:joy:😂

.•°☆°•.I love the drawings~! .•°☆°•.

May 23 0

Ur drawingz r amazing (:hearts::hearts:)

May 23 1

Thank you

May 01 0

Hey nice to meet you. Ringo Chan here. Thanks for the follow. I hope we can be friends. Pm me anytime u like 🙂

Thanks for the follow you awesome person. I really like your art! Keep up the great work!